Emma Stone And Ryan Gosling Have Secret ‘Meetings,’ Claims Insider

Rumors are swirling about Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling. According to multiple reports, the actors are allegedly sneaking around behind their significant others.

Ryan Gosling, 35, and Emma Stone 27, have been accused of having secret dates. The two have starred in the romantic comedy Crazy, Stupid, Love, and have now finished filming their upcoming movie La La Land. An anonymous insider states that Gosling and Stone “really don’t have a professional reason to be together,” so their secret meetings make no sense.

The insider added that the actors have been spotted at various restaurants inside and outside of Burbank in an effort to avoid paparazzi.

Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone

The source added: “Ryan insists nothing is going on but they do have great chemistry.”

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes have been hoping to have a second baby, but that won’t be the case if he’s sneaking around with Emma Stone. The rest of the story is in this week’s issue of OK! Magazine, if you want more details. Though this isn’t the first time that a report has speculated over something going on between Stone and Gosling.

Eva Mendes, Ryan Gosling

Another insider told the Hollywood Life that the two have been sneaking around for some time now. Apparently, Emma and Ryan have been good friends for several years, but Eva has had a sneaking feeling over their super-close relationship. The insider claims that Emma’s relationship with Ryan has progressed into something much deeper. Ryan and Emma even have to hide the fact that they hang out so much.

Since Mendes is not crazy about Stone’s relationship with her husband, the pair have to pretend that they’re only meeting for business reasons. It turns out those business “‘meetings’ are actually intimate lunches for two where they sit and talk for hours,” the source revealed.

This comes after the reports about Andrew Garfield leaving Emma Stone for good. After the couple slammed the rumors that they split in October, 2015, Andrew was spotted stepping out with another woman. According to another Hollywood Life report, the Amazing Spider-Man star was photographed kissing the mystery brunette woman at a bar in London.

“The 32-year-old looked very much single and ready to mingle as he enjoyed a late night dinner outing with the mystery brunette, who, like Emma, seemed to have quite the sense of humor as she kept the actor laughing late into the night. Kicking back inside a London pub, Andrew and his new woman were said to be in high spirits as they chatted away for hours, before leaning in for what appeared to be a steamy makeout session! While the photo in question doesn’t show the two actually kissing, their faces did appear to be just inches a part from each other, this hinting that there may have been a kiss involved.”

Since there was no actual photo of the two kissing, it is possible that the two are just friends. Garfield is reportedly staying in London to film his new movie, Angels in America. It also gives him a chance to get to know his friend more. Last year, reports claimed that the distance is what caused the actor to split from Stone.

Earlier this month, it was assumed that Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield “orchestrated” their shocking split just so they could keep their relationship out of the public eye. If the media believes that they are no longer a couple, then they won’t publish as many reports or rumors about their relationship. But that’s not always the case since the media is still guessing about the state of Stone’s relationship with Garfield.

Emma Stone, Andrew Garfield

Before the break-up reports, there were also reports claiming that Andrew and Emma were looking to tie the knot as soon as their schedules allowed it. The engagement rumors spiraled and were carried by several tabloids.

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