Calvin Harris Wants Revenge: Will Taylor Swift Address Kanye West Diss At Grammys?

Kanye West just dropped some really offensive lyrics about Taylor Swift and now the feud between Kanye and Taylor has been reignited, this time even bigger than it was before. Calvin Harris wants Taylor to keep her response to Kanye West’s recent diss to herself. Is Taylor too upset to keep quiet? Many wonder if Swift will be fighting fire with fire at the Grammys on Monday night when she’ll have plenty of chances to hit back at Kanye’s claims that he made her famous.

Kanye is no stranger to drama and, this time around, the rapper has created a firestorm with the release of his brand new album The Life of Pablo. West played the album in its entirety on Thursday night at the Madison Square Garden for his fashion show, Yeezy Season 3. Many reported that the fashion show was less than spectacular and it was the lyrics to Kanye’s newest song “Famous” that have everyone talking.

Taylor Swift fans were furious with Kanye West, who claimed that Taylor knew about the lyrics in the song and thought they were funny. Swift obviously didn’t approve, though, and her team immediately released a response to the song. Rather than giving her blessing on the lyrics where Kanye considers that he might be able to have sex with Taylor Swift and then claims to have made her famous, she says she warned against them. Swift’s camp also claimed that Kanye wanted Taylor to tweet the song to her fans and she declined to do that for the rapper.

Swift has always kept it pretty classy, even after Kanye dissed her the first time during the MTV VMAs in 2009. That was the time when Taylor was on stage accepting the Best Female Artist award and West stole her microphone and proclaimed Beyonce the greatest of all time. That moment has never been forgotten by Taylor Swift fans even after she buried the hatchet with Kanye last year. There were reports that Taylor and Kanye were going to work on a song together after they were seen hashing things out at the Grammys last year.

Is it a coincidence that Kanye and Taylor couldn’t even remain friendly for a full year before Kanye said something insanely offensive to upset Taylor again? Taylor’s brother, Austin Swift, was reportedly so upset about the line in Kanye’s new song that he threw away a very expensive pair of Yeezy shoes that he showed off in an Instagram video yesterday.

Kanye has already ranted on Twitter that Taylor was cool with the whole thing.

“I called Taylor and had a hour long convo with her about the line and she thought it was funny and gave her blessings,” he tweeted. West even went so far as to claim that Taylor inspired the line because even she joked that Kanye made her famous. Taylor has done quite the opposite of Kanye and stayed quiet about the whole drama over the song line on social media.

Taylor has done quite the opposite of Kanye and stayed quiet about the whole drama over the song line on social media. That’s why many think Taylor is saving up her fury for the Grammys. Swift is nominated for seven Grammys and is sure to spend plenty of time accepting awards on Monday night. Is she planning the ultimate acceptance speech? Will Taylor thank Kanye for making her famous? Swift certainly could slip several digs into her speech or speeches if she plans it out right. This is Taylor’s chance to take a huge jab back at Kanye West and we’re not so certain she can shake it off this time. Do you think Taylor should take the opportunity to blast Kanye West and his rude remarks about her or should she take the high road, as Calvin Harris would prefer, and handle her beef in private?

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