The Rolling Stones Under 24-Hour Armed Guard After Tour Worker Shot To Death

The Rolling Stones are currently being escorted by armed guards as they continue their tour through South America, according to Daily Mail. The Stones sought protection after a worker on the tour was shot to death during a botched robbery.

The Rolling Stones were playing at La Plata Stadium in Buenos Aires, Argentina, when an armed robber attempted to steal cash from the drink vendors. According to Metro, three cars attempted to overtake a van in which the contractors of the Stones Argentina concert were traveling with the cash from that night’s concert. Fifty-five-year-old Pedros Luis Tabares was killed while foiling the theft. It is believed that the robbers were tipped off by an employee of the Stones and therefore knew the timing and travel plans of the vehicle leading. One man was arrested in the incident.

The Rolling Stones’ tour is taking the band through volatile areas of the region in which kidnapping and gun use are said to be rampant. In an effort to ensure the Stones’ safety, armed guards were hired to protect the members around the clock. Rolling Stones band members are even said to be traveling in separate vehicles from venue to venue as they press on in the tour.

Despite the scary incident, Rolling Stone lead singer Mick Jagger was sure to post pictures of him sightseeing through Argentina on social media.

Rolling Stone lead singer Mick Jagger walks through the streets of Argentina exploring. Image via Mick Jagger Official Facebook.

The Rolling Stones are considered a legendary rock band that has been entertaining audiences for more than five decades. After staying out of the region for more than 10 years, the Stones announced their 2016 Latin America tour in November of 2015 to the elation of fans. The Stones had just completed their North American tour which, according to Billboard, was one of the biggest concert tours of the year raking in more than $109 million in ticket sales.

The Rolling Stones in the early stages of their career January 1964. Image via Hulton Archive/Getty Images.

The La Plata Stadium stop was just the second of the Latin America tour with the Stones performing three concerts at the venue. The Rolling Stones still have yet to perform in Uruguay, Brazil, Peru, and Colombia, with their final destination being Mexico City. Mexico City is considered the kidnapping capitol of the world. With the recent botched robbery thought to be an inside job and the amount of revenue generated by a band of the Rolling Stones stature, the armed security detail seems to be a reasonable necessity.

While Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger has been known to travel frequently with a bodyguard, the new security detail is said to have military training and precision. The Stones undoubtedly had the security team vetted extra carefully too, considering a former bodyguard for the late David Bowie recently revealed a sexual threesome to tabloids between the Stones lead singer, Bowie, and an unnamed famous female musician. And that isn’t the only headline the Rolling Stones have grabbed lately. The Rolling Stones also recently found themselves in the middle of the American political spotlight when Republican candidate Donald Trump was using their music to promote his presidential campaign.

According to The Daily Beast, a spokesman for the Stones stated that the band had not given Trump permission to use their music. While the band has not issued a cease and desist, Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards had been very vocal in the past about the possibility of Donald Trump becoming president in an interview with Billboard.

“Can you imagine President Trump?” the Stones guitarist asked. “The worst nightmare.”

With the death of their tour worker, however, perhaps Donald Trump becoming the president has moved to the Rolling Stones’ second worst nightmare.

[Rolling Stone cover image via Getty Images Latam.]