Meet The First Person To See Brad Pitt Naked (And Pat His Butt)

Hollywood actor Brad Pitt is 52-years-old and we've seen plenty of him in his many movies over the years. Now, fans get to "meet" the very first person to see him naked – the now almost 90-year-old doctor who brought Brad Pitt into this world.

Dr. Jodie Edge was a much younger man 52 years ago, and reportedly things were a lot different at the old ACH Hospital in downtown Shawnee in those days. In fact, Dr. Edge remembers the trip to the third floor operating room was a lot easier back in those days when there were still working elevators.

The hospital stands empty these days in a sad state of disrepair and is, in fact, up for sale. However, Dr. Edge got the chance to go back and visit his old workplace.

Reportedly, it wasn't easy an easy task for the good doctor to get up to the third floor and revisit his former place of work. However, using a walker and with the help of a little oxygen, he did manage to have another look at the delivery room where he brought thousands of babies into this world, including one very famous young man.

Among the many babies Dr. Edge delivered during his time at the hospital was his own third son. Another baby he brought into this world went on to be the priest who officiated over his second marriage and the third important person he helped a mother to deliver was none other than Hollywood actor himself, Brad Pitt.

Recalling his duties back in the day, Dr. Edge said his main function was working in the clinic and delivering babies.

"It was busy. The beds were full."
Speaking of his now famous delivery of Brad Pitt, Dr. Edge chuckled, saying, "My claim to fame."

However, the good doctor doesn't remember anything about the December day back in 1963 when he helped Jane Pitt deliver her now world-famous son, Brad. As News Channel 4 says it would be a much better story if he did, but Brad Pitt was only one among so many hundreds babies delivered safely by Dr. Edge's hands.

Looking back, Dr. Edge does recall that the birthing business back in those days was a lot different to now, saying, "You kept late hours. You did your own deliveries."

Dr. Edge said he worked in the ACH Hospital in downtown Shawnee for 11 years and during that time, he figures he was present for probably close to 3,000 births, including that of a very young Brad Pitt.

When asked his feelings on the act of bringing a baby into the world, Dr. Edge said, "It's kind of a magical moment. Very interesting."

Dr. Edge went on to say that the mothers and babies he helped over the years were like family, but after he stopped delivering babies, he spent over 50 years in the field of psychiatry.

As to how the story came to light, reportedly, a few years ago someone figured out the connection between the ACH Hospital, Dr. Edge and Pitt. When they contacted the good doctor, he recalled asking, "Who's Brad Pitt?"

Pitt is heading to the age of 53 years this December and on Valentine's Day this year, Dr. Edge will turn 90 years of age.

Now fans know the first person who ever saw Brad Pitt totally naked, and whacked him on the behind to open up his lungs.

According to Dr. Edge, he received a card in the mail a while back from Brad's parents, Bill and Jane Pitt, thanking him for bringing their son Brad into the world. Without doubt, many of fans will likely thank the good doctor, too.

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[Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]A video of Dr. Edge's visit to the hospital is available on the News Channel 4 website.

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