WWE News: Big Update On Daniel Bryan’s Health, When He Suffered His Last Seizure

For those that watched Daniel Bryan’s retirement speech on WWE RAW last week, he talked about one doctor finding something bad on a brain scan that made the physician second guess Bryan returning to the WWE. Even after multiple positive tests and doctor approvals, all it took was one bad test for the American Dragon to hang up the boots.

It was especially rough for the WWE Universe, who only got to see Bryan for six years. The last couple of years, Bryan was hurt and rarely seen on WWE television. Sure, it made his final appearance last week easier to handle, but with what was discovered during his interview with Jonathan Coachman on ESPN the following night, many WWE fans wished Bryan would’ve retired sooner.

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He revealed that he had post-concussion seizures. “I have had post-concussion seizures that I have hid, for a long time. There was never any evidence to see why I would have these seizures, but then finally we found some,” stated the former-WWE World Heavyweight champion. “Those are symptoms that do take place when dealing with post-concussion syndrome. They aren’t constant, but can worsen if the concussion is severe.”

When Bryan admitted that he had his first concussion five months into his pro wrestling career, he was already fighting an uphill battle from the beginning.

His condition couldn’t have gotten better since then, except for short periods of time when he wasn’t dealing with headaches and sensitivity to sunlight. A video is circulating from a match with Wade Barrett in April of 2015, which is one of Bryan’s last. Fans point out that it appears he seized during the bout. According to Dave Meltzer and WrestleZone.com, Daniel Bryan didn’t suffer a seizure in that match.

“The last time he [Bryan] had a seizure was four years ago… Obviously I don’t know who he hid it from and who he didn’t hide it from, but what I can tell you factually is that every single doctor that he talked with knew about it. He didn’t hide that from any doctors.”

Meltzer added that while Bryan admitted to hiding his history of seizures, he told every single doctor about them as he underwent clearance to compete in WWE, including his own doctors who recently cleared him to return.

Even though the WWE Universe didn’t want him to retire from in-ring competition, it was the best thing for his family. What most don’t know about concussion-related seizures, is that they can happen at any time. It doesn’t take over-exercising to cause them to take place. Realistically, Daniel Bryan could be driving his wife to the grocery store and a disaster takes place.

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According to the Model Systems Knowledge Transition Center,seizures after traumatic brain injuries aren’t that rare of a condition.

Early post-traumatic seizures: A seizure in the first week after a brain injury is called an early post-traumatic seizure. About 25% of people who have an early post-traumatic seizure will have another seizure months or years later.

If Daniel Bryan were to keep on wrestling, the severity of his brain injuries could’ve increased. Not only that, but it would’ve been a detriment to his family and their future as well. As for the rumor of Bryan suffering a seizure during his match with Barrett, it didn’t happen. WWE officials, similar to the Jerry Lawler situation, would’ve taken the camera off the WWE superstar and focus on taking care of him.

In the WWE, health comes first. Thankfully, that’s a priority now before it was too late.

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