WWE News: Backstage Update On Daniel Bryan, Will He Be Part Of WWE TV In The Future?

The recently retired WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan may not be able to perform in the ring with WWE ever again, but that does not mean he cannot do something on television for the company. Bryan’s retirement shocked us all, and fans around the world were heartbroken when we heard of the retirement. People from all walks of life were kind to Bryan this past Monday and wished him well. Ring of Honor, and even CM Punk, lent their support, which was nice to see from them.

According to Daily Wrestling News, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon was always planning to have Daniel Bryan part of WrestleMania 32 in some way. WWE realized he simply could not perform, and McMahon planned to have Bryan as an on-air character of some kind. The idea was that Bryan could help generate buzz for Mania by being on WWE programming each week in a non-wrestling role.

Clearly, Bryan could return after WWE Fast Lane to help, but many believe Bryan is going to have a tough time adjusting to not being able to wrestle with the company. Being around a ring and seeing his friends wrestle is by no means an easy thing to deal with. This might be why Bryan may not be seen on WWE programming for a while. It is said that Bryan was not interested in a non-wrestling role before Monday and that may continue for a while.

image via WWE [Image via WWE]He might be retired from in-ring work with WWE, but that does not mean WWE is letting him out of his contract. That means he will need to do something with WWE in order to start his contract up again, as it is now frozen.

No one knew going into RAW on Monday that Bryan was going to retire other than a few in upper management. It was genuinely a shocking announcement. It even threw many people in WWE off, so much so that people in production had to scramble to get videos of Bryan ready for the show. Many want Bryan around, but the only way he could make that happen would be in a GM role of some kind, which would not make much sense right now.

There was a ton of talk about Bryan “leaving on his own terms.” This had a lot to do with the post sent out by Michael “PS” Hayes before RAW went on the air this past Monday. Technically, Bryan is by no means leaving on his own terms, as he chose to retire due to a medical reason. Could he perform again? Sure. However, it simply would not be wise on his part to do so.

image via bbc.co.uk

Still, many are wondering if Daniel Bryan is retiring from the company just to return to the independent scene later on. Sources close to both Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella claim that he is retired for good. Any sort of independent run is very doubtful. The thought is that Bryan does not want to risk it, even though he wants to work in the ring again.

The term “anything can happen in pro-wrestling” is true in many cases, but seeing Daniel Bryan return to the ring is not going to happen. Plus, Bryan could not work for an independent company at any point due to his contract still having time on it. By the time he would be able to, he may be involved with his potential family that he and his wife want to start soon.

The two have held off on starting family for a while due to their wrestling careers, but now with Daniel Bryan’s retirement, WWE could be without both Bryan and Brie before too long. Many believe that after WrestleMania 32, Bella won’t be with the company and will retire in her own right. However, that is up in the air for now. Both Bryan and Brie are still set to be part of the E! reality show Total Divas despite any sort of retirement, due to the show not being part of the WWE but rather part of the network. So, you’ll at least get to see Bryan Danielson, family man.

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