November 3, 2016
Hollywood Vampires To Pay Tribute To Motorhead's Lemmy At The Grammys

Hollywood Vampires, the rock supergroup that consists of Alice Cooper, Johnny Depp, and Joe Perry, will be honoring Lemmy, founder and frontman of Motorhead who died in December 2015, at the 2016 Grammy Awards ceremony.

Hollywood Vampires was formed in 2015 to honor musicians who died in the 1970s. Last year, the band released the studio album Hollywood Vampires. The album featured other musicians and artists including Christopher Lee, Joe Walsh, Dave Grohl, and Sir Paul McCartney.

Although the Hollywood Vampires officially formed in 2015, Johnny Depp, Joe Perry, and Alice Cooper have been performing at different venues as early as 2011, as She Knows reports.

Depp said that he wishes to surprise the audience at the Grammys when he comes out with Perry and Cooper. Although many are used to seeing him as an actor and not a musician, he hopes to make an extravaganza at the Grammy's, as he told USA Today.

"If I saw these guys coming out with myself, I too would think this is kind of a weird spectacle, initially. There will be people saying, 'Let's see this Hollywood-guy, actor-guy play guitar.' But hopefully what will happen is that the song will kick in and people are going to feel their wigs starting to split."
According to reports, Hollywood Vampire's performance at the Grammy's will include an original song entitled "As Bad As I Am." They will also be playing Motorhead's song "Ace of Spades" as a tribute to Lemmy.

Performing with Depp and Cooper is still a little mind-boggling to Joe Perry, as he said those who usually perform at the Grammys are the popular bands or those who have songs playing on the radio. Perry said that letting them perform "is breaking the rules of the Grammys."

"That they will let us be on the show and play one of our songs no one has ever heard. I'm still shaking my head going, is this really going to happen?"
Although the Hollywood Vampires have been around for some time, this will be the first time that they will be performing at a major music event. There's no doubt that many fans would like to see the trio on a large-scale tour, but according to Perry, that is quite difficult right now as Johnny Depp has a very busy schedule, especially since he has a few movies coming out within the year.
"It's gonna be a matter of schedules. Johnny's schedule runs differently than ours. He has to promote his films. He has some movies coming out that are really good."
This, however, doesn't mean that fans can't see more of the Hollywood Vampires. According to the Hollywood Vampires website, the band will be headlining Rock Fest 2016 together with Slipknot and Alice in Chains. Other bands performing include Aerosmith, Iron Maiden, Korn, Fleetwood Mac, Tom Petty, and Kiss. The Rock Fest will be held in Wisconsin on July 14 to 16.

Meanwhile, those who want to hear the Hollywood Vampires perform can tune into the Grammys on February 15. According to Johnny Depp, their performance at the Grammys will ensure "rumbling in ears and there might be blood trickling out of one ear." Then, and only then, as Alice Cooper says, will they know that they've done their job.

Check out Hollywood Vampire's version of Led Zeppelin's "Whole Lotta Love" below.

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