Gwen Stefani And Blake Shelton: There’s No Doubt ‘Make Me Like You’ Is About Blake

Gwen Stefani finally shared her new single “Make Me Like You” with her fans, and Blake Shelton couldn’t wait to let the world know that the song is about him. However, the tune is no “You’re So Vain”—it paints Blake in a pretty positive light.

As E! News reports, Gwen Stefani dropped “Make Me Like You” on Thursday, and the song’s lyrics about falling in “like” with someone immediately sparked speculation that the breezy tune was about the beginning of Gwen’s relationship with Blake Shelton. Gwen and Blake started dating in November shortly after they announced that they were divorcing from their respective spouses, Gavin Rossdale and Miranda Lambert, and they’ve been pretty inseparable ever since. However, the lyrics of “Make Me Like You” hint that Gwen Stefani has a bit hesitant to let herself fall for Blake Shelton so soon after having her heart broken (Gavin allegedly cheated on her with their children’s nanny).

“I was fine before I met you / I was broken but fine / I was lost and uncertain / But my heart was still mine,” Gwen sings.

The No Doubt frontwoman goes on to reveal that she felt “scared” after she realized that she was starting to develop feelings for the subject of her song. According to Gwen, she’s now “mad” at the object of her affection because now she misses him whenever they have to spend time apart.

“Hey, wait a minute / No, you can’t do this to me / Hey, wait a minute / No, that’s not fair / Hey, wait a minute / You’re running back to me / I really like you, but I’m so scared / Why’d you have to go and make me like you? / Yeah this is a feeling I’m not used to / Why’d you have to go and make me like you? I’m so mad at you ’cause now you got me missing you.”

Blake Shelton let his fans know that he’s a huge fan of Gwen Stefani’s new single by tweeting that he’s already purchased his copy of her third solo album, This Is What the Truth Feels like. The album drops on March 18, but People reports that fans can pre-order an exclusive deluxe edition of the album on the Target website. As the Inquisitr previously reported, the deluxe edition will include four bonus tracks.

Gwen Stefani responded to Blake Shelton’s sweet tweet by leaving no doubt that “Make Me Like You” is about her cowboy boyfriend. As you can see, Blake’s approval means a lot to her.

“Make Me Like You” is a synth-pop song that’s nothing like Gwen’s first This Is What the Truth Feels Like single, “Used to Love You”—it’s an uplifting, playful tune about a blossoming romance. Gwen seems reluctant to let herself fall in love at first, but she eventually admits that she’s happy that she gave the new man in her life a chance.

“Thank God that I found you,” she sings near the end of the song.

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Gwen isn’t just using her relationship with Blake Shelton to promote “Make Me Like You”—she’s also teaming up with Target to create the first-ever live music video for the song. It will air during the Grammy Awards, but instead of being part of the show, the music video/ambitious Target ad will debut during a four-minute commercial break.

“It’s very theatrical in both a true Gwen way, but you will also know that it’s Target,” a spokesperson for the retail giant told the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

The performance will include multiple costume and set changes, so it will be a bit like a fast-paced Broadway musical. Unfortunately for Shefani fans, the live music video will be filmed on a set across town from the Grammy Awards, so it looks like Gwen won’t get to walk the red carpet with Grammy nominee Blake Shelton. However, Shefani fans will get to see their favorite couple on TV together when The Voice returns to NBC later this month—Gwen is going to be Blake’s adviser on the show.

What do you think of Gwen Stefani’s latest single? Does it sound like a hit?

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