Jana Duggar: Family Denies New Series Is In The Works, Squashes Rumors TLC Paid Off Danica Dillon [Video]

Maat van Uitert

A production source close to TLC and the Duggar family confirmed that Jana will be part of the new series centered around the famous reality family, but she will not take a starring role. Despite rumors that the entire series was to be about Jana, a single young woman, the source confirmed that, despite the scandals that the Duggar clan has endured over the past year, viewers are still very interested in their lives.

According to the Hollywood Gossip, the premiere of the new show about the Duggars "will show [Jana] opening up about her sentiments on being single," a production insider said. At the age of 26, Jana is still quite young, however, her younger sisters have gotten married and have children while Jana still resides with her parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar.

According to the production insider, Jana is eager to start her own family and have children, something that Duggar fans are curious to know more about. Since Jana Duggar's "younger sisters are already married and have families of their own," the reality star has started to "compare herself to them," and is ready for her own life and house.

Although it's unlikely the new series on TLC featuring the Duggar family will be called 19 Kids And Counting, it's certain that TLC is coming out with some series about the famous brood. Jana, along with her sisters, were spotted with a camera crew filming their every move, and Duggar fans could not be more thrilled.

One fan claimed they would welcome the Duggars back on the air, and expressed excitement that Jana might be the star.

"Will be glad to see them back on," the fan wrote, explaining that TLC should not "punish the true fans."

Another fan wrote on the Duggar Family Official Facebook page that she hoped "the rumors are true about doing the show focused on Jana!"

According to the Duggar Family Blog, however, nothing is confirmed, and the Duggar family are staying mum on the topic. A statement on the site reads that although "fans are eager to see this super-sized clan reclaim its place in the TLC lineup," regarding a new series on TLC featuring Jana, "[a]s of right now, there has been no official, public word from either TLC or the Duggar family regarding the possibility of a new show."

The Duggar Family Blog also addresses the rumors regarding the case against Josh Duggar, and squashes rumors that Danica Dillon was paid by either the Duggar family or TLC to dump her case against Josh. According to the site, the settlement agreement between Josh and Danica states that the stripper "will bear her own costs and fees in this matter and that no one has or will pay her any money to resolve this matter."

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