‘Days Of Our Lives’ Shocker: Chandler Massey Returning As Will Horton?

Days of Our Lives spoilers and rumors are buzzing that actor Chandler Massey could be returning to reprise his role of Will Horton on the long running NBC soap. The one problem with that thought, however, is that Will was killed by the necktie killer last year!

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Days of Our Lives fans are going nuts because there’s a very real chance the beloved Chandler Massey could be coming home to Salem.

The report reveals that Chandler Massey’s former publicist, Jeffrey Ballard, spoke out about the possibility of Chandler returning to Days of Our Lives as Will Horton via Facebook.

Days of Our Lives: Chandler Massey returning as Will Horton?
[Image via NBC]

“I’ve been getting quite a few calls about this – so for the record – I can neither confirm nor deny that my former client and good friend, three-time Daytime Emmy Award winning actor Chandler Massey will be returning to his role of Will Horton on Days of Our Lives this year. I guess you will all have to keep watching!”

Ballard added a winking emoji to the post and Days of Our Lives fans have not stopped talking about the possibility of Massey returning to the role that made him a beloved icon in the gay community.

However, if Days of Our Lives were to bring back Chandler Massey as Will Horton, they would really have a lot of explaining to do since the character of Will is dead and gone. Days‘ Executive Producer Ken Corday said at the end of last year that once characters begin to die they’ll stay dead. However, he’s already broken his word as it has been confirmed that Daniel Cosgrove will return as dead character Aiden Jennings. So, bringing the late Will Horton back wouldn’t be much different. However, fans are wondering just exactly how the character would return from the grave.

The report suggests that perhaps the person killed by the necktie killer was not Will Horton, but a doppelganger, possibly an evil one, and that the real Will was taken hostage by someone, maybe the DiMera family, because lets face it, every bad thing that happens to them is usually their fault! If Days of Our Lives were to bring Will back in that capacity, it would be very interesting because it would not only get Will back to Salem, but also redeem his character who had become a bit morally corrupt in the last year or so of his life.

Days of Our Lives: WIll Horton and Sonny Kiriakis reuniting?
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Days of Our Lives fans watched as Will took off to Hollywood with mom Sami and his younger siblings, basically abandoning his husband Sonny, and then returned home only to cheat on Sonny with Paul Norita. Will made a lot of questionable decisions and really changed the tone of his character, which many fans did not like, so this could be a great way for Will to return to Salem and be the character viewers once loved. Since actor Freddie Smith is rumored to be returning to the show as Sonny Kiriakis, it would be a great time for Will to come back as well.

Meanwhile, there is no lack of drama on Days of Our Lives right now. Andre and Hope are embattled in a huge rivalry, Brady is dealing with the images and dreams he’s having since getting Daniel’s heart, Chase is a lost young man, Belle and Shawn’s marriage seems to be really over, and Philip is having his own family drama as his father, Victor, now knows Philip chose to betray him and work with his brother, Deimos, whom Victor seems to hate more than anyone.

It looks like there is so much more to come on Days of Our Lives. Would you like to see Chandler Massey return as Will Horton?

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