Kim Kardashian ‘Jealous Kanye West Wants Sex With Taylor Swift,’ Struggling With Post-Baby Weight Gain?

Kim Kardashian is reportedly jealous of the fact that her husband Kanye West would rap about wanting to have sex with Taylor Swift, leaving her anything but amused.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, the ageing socialite, who is known to support her husband through thick and thin, couldn’t overlook the lyrics to Kanye’s new song, “Famous.”

The rapper addresses his desire for Swift, stating, “I feel like me and Taylor might have sex. Why? I made that b**ch famous.”

In reference to the previous women Kanye has made famous, including Amber Rose, West stresses that having made Taylor a household name following the 2009 VMA incident, he would be more than down for a hookup with the “Shake It Off” songstress.

The webloid alleges that Kim Kardashian has not been feeling herself lately. The pregnancy weight gain has been hard on her, so to now hear that her husband is fantasizing about other women in the music industry has totally left her feeling jealous and envious.


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“It seems like Kanye is constantly rapping about other women, and not only is it embarrassing seeing as how she is his wife, but it’s really starting to make her feel like she’s not good enough.”

Had it just been one particular song in which Kanye West makes some sort of reference to women he shares somewhat of a connection with, Kim wouldn’t have made a big deal about it. But having listened to the rapper’s new album, The Life of Pablo, she has allegedly been made to feel so insecure about herself — especially since losing the baby weight has been much harder this time around.

The report concludes, saying that Kardashian would’ve also preferred for Kanye to have mentioned any girl other than Taylor, who is tall and slim. Taylor embodies everything Kim is supposedly trying to achieve through dedicated sessions with her personal trainer. All in all, things are not easy for the businesswoman, who is now faced to deal with the fact that her husband has somewhat of an attraction to Taylor.

Fans recently pointed out how the TV personality has been wearing knee-length coats wherever she went, making it known to the world that her post-baby weight is something that she is still trying to shed.

In a recent episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kim complained that she didn’t feel like herself with the extra weight that she added through her pregnancy with Saint West. The reality star told her siblings that she would begin a strict fitness routine as soon as she births her child, describing the journey of pregnancy as her worst experience.

It is hard to tell how much weight Kim Kardashian has lost thus far, but considering how much she has been camouflaging herself as of late, along with her growing insecurities regarding her husband, one can assume that she still has a long way to go.

Furthermore, with recent outlets claiming that Taylor Swift was anything but impressed when she heard about Kanye’s remarks regarding his love for her, Kim Kardashian doesn’t seem like she would have anything to worry about. Unless, of course, Kanye decides to pen further tracks about other women he secretly fantasizes about.

As a wife, should Kim feel offended by Kanye’s remarks?

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