Knicks Trade Rumors: Carmelo Anthony Discusses Future With New York Knicks

Knicks trade rumors about Carmelo Anthony have followed him to the All-Star break. New York Knicks trade rumors are nothing new for NBA fans and especially for Anthony. A report from the New York Post states that he took the time to address some questions about his future with the Knicks though. The main takeaway from his answers may be that he is frustrated at the prospect of missing the 2016 NBA Playoffs.

“That doesn’t sit well with me. To reflect a little about that, it’s tough. To think about that, to know that it can be three years if we don’t pick it up right away. I try not to think about it right now. In actuality, you have to start thinking about that eventually. Not yet. Not yet. Not yet. I’m pretty sure I’ll have that conversation with myself, my family, my team [agents]. That’s not a conversation right now.”

So what does it all mean? It will certainly lead to further New York Knicks trade rumors, especially as the NBA trade deadline approaches. The Knicks would have until February 18 to make a big move and trade away the best player on the active roster. The problem is that waiting this long might not allow a market to fully develop for Anthony. It could lead to a low return in assets and possibly put the team in a worse position. Alternatively, the Knicks could possibly land several young assets and picks for the 2016 NBA Draft.

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Despite putting up with a lot of losing in New York, Carmelo Anthony has never been a player to complain publicly about it. He is still the biggest star on the Knicks and one of the fan favorites. Dealing him could lead to a lot of frustrations from a fan base starved for a team that can really cause some damage in the NBA Playoffs. The 2016 postseason likely won’t be that time, though, especially with how badly the Knicks finished out the schedule heading into the All-Star break.

The team has lost 10 of its last 11 games, falling to 13th place in the Eastern Conference standings. It is one of the main reasons that there are so many New York Knicks trade rumors during the break. In addition to veteran players possibly being placed on the trading block, it has also created a situation where NBA analysts have constructed proposed trades for Carmelo Anthony. While there has been no confirmation that the front office in New York has even picked up the phone to discuss trading Anthony, that isn’t going to stop the rumors from floating.

While Anthony is having a bit of a down season with the Knicks, he is still extremely popular around the NBA. That is a reason he will be starting for the East at the 2016 All-Star Game. Through 48 games, Anthony is averaging 21.4 points, 7.9 rebounds, and 4.2 assists per game. Those are great numbers that most NBA teams would love to have, but he may not be available. The bottom line is that the Knicks don’t really have an incentive to shop Anthony when he also has a no-trade clause. Should he demand a trade, though, everything could shift very quickly.

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So is Carmelo Anthony close to requesting or demanding a trade from the Knicks? It all comes down to his level of frustration as the 2015-16 NBA season comes to a close. It is very unlikely that he would be moved before the NBA trade deadline, but if the Knicks miss the NBA Playoffs in embarrassing fashion again, it could be a main topic of conversation in the offseason. At that point, there could be some very intriguing New York Knicks trade rumors with all the pending free agents on the market.

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