Nick Cannon Clears Up Stevie J Feud Rumors After 'Wild 'N Out' Appearance

After what seems like unending headlines about a blow up between Nick Cannon and Stevie J on the set of Wild 'N Out over jokes made about Mariah Carey, Cannon feels like he needs to clear the air. According to Nick, there is no feud with Stevie J, and all the drama about a supposed blowout was fabricated. Instead, Cannon claims that people must not know how his MTV2 hit works, because the segment when the supposed Stevie J feud erupted is all about trying to diss your opponent.

"Apparently some people don't understand the concept of Wildnout! LOL Thanks for the free publicity tho! Season 8 about to be crazy!," Nick Cannon tweeted. "Tune in to Season 8 of #WILDNOUT to watch me punch @HitmanStevieJ in the FACE!!! LOL."

It all happened during the "Wildstyle" segment of Cannon's long-running MTV hit, where contestants are called to battle rap and diss each other relentlessly. The contestant who comes up with the best diss wins points, and the one with the most points at the end of the show wins the whole episode. During the Wildstyle, Stevie J definitely hit below the belt when he claimed to have slept with Nick Cannon's estranged wife Mariah Carey not once, but two times.

While this may or may not be true, many began to speculate about the possibilities because Stevie J has worked on several songs with the multi-platinum selling Mariah Carey. Naturally, Nick Cannon did have a comeback ready too, and it centered around Stevie J's questionable relationship with Joseline Hernandez and her recently rumored fling with Rick Ross.

While Stevie J's jokes about Mariah Carey might have come across as fight-worthy, this certainly isn't the first time a contestant on Wild 'N Out took shots at Cannon's soon-to-be ex-wife on the show. As a matter of fact, many who have tried to beat Cannon and take his title belt used Mariah as comic relief in order to win points for their team.

For those who still might be convinced that a beef between Stevie J and Nick Cannon is real, the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star also jumped on social media to clear things up.

After the taping. Stevie J posted a picture of himself and Cannon with this caption, "Much love to my bro @nickcannon had a blast at Wild N Out," he wrote. "Much respect to my sis @mariahcarey for always rockin with me no matter what. God bless!!"

Rather than question whether Cannon was feuding with Stevie J, we might want to ask why Stevie was on set with Joseline Hernandez. That pair has been feuding on social media ever since the Rick Ross birthday pictures surfaced. Joseline even issued what seemed like a warning to Stevie J to "stop f***ing with me" attached to an Instagram photo that contained the definition of pansexual. Was Hernandez threatening to out Stevie for what could be one of his kinkiest secrets?

Stevie J did disclose that he and Joseline aren't married, something that fans were already pretty sure of due to the lack of a marriage certificate. We can only imagine that Stevie and Joseline did Wild 'N Out together simply for publicity, since their new spinoff show Stevie J and Joseline Go Hollywood is currently airing on VH1.

Fans of Nick Cannon and the MTV2 hit Wild 'N Out are looking forward to the upcoming Season 8 of the show. Currently, there is no set date for the premiere.

[Photo by Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images]