‘Big Brother 17’ Alum Liz Nolan and Austin Matelson Split — Reality Star Claims They Parted As Friends

Big Brother 17 alum Liz Nolan and Austin Matelson have officially ended their five-plus month whirlwind romance. Liz took to social media and explained that they are no longer together; however, they will always remain friends. In a post to Liztin followers, Nolan explains they ended their relationship some time ago but felt it was time to go public with the breakup. Liz also stated that they started the relationship as friends and will remain good friends, even though they are no longer romantically linked.

Get Real LOL reported the breakup, and posted Liz Nolan’s message about the split. Big Brother fans were supportive in their comments about the breakup; many felt she was too good for Austin from the start. Others had a few hateful comments for the reality star, mostly in response to the allegation that Austin had a girlfriend when he arrived in the house. There were a select few Big Brother fans who believed that Liz ruined Austin’s relationship with his then girlfriend, and used him to further herself in the game.

Liz did not respond to any of the replies and seemed just to want her followers to know the relationship was over. It seemed as if Liz was holding out hope that CBS would ask them to compete in The Amazing Race. Liz knew to be a part of another show, she needed to be part of a duo. In the end, Liz and Austin were not asked to compete on the CBS reality TV show. Allegedly, when Liz figured out that she was not going to be invited to be a part of another reality TV show because of her relationship with Austin, she broke up with him. After all, he was no longer useful to her and her career aspirations.

Not long ago, TMZ reported that the couple was still together and seemed genuinely happy. In fact, Austin talked about spending Thanksgiving and Christmas with Liz at her parents home. Something might have happened because she appeared to care deeply about him, and genuinely interested in a life with the professional wrestler.

Rumors have circulated for some time that suggested the happy couple had split. Austin and Liz denied allegations that they broke up right after the Big Brother 17 finale. Liz continued to claim they were happy together and were busy with their career goals and getting to know each other outside the house. Rumors picked up in speed around mid-January when Austin’s social media account suddenly went silent, and Liz no longer spoke of Austin on Twitter and Instagram.

New Year’s Eve was the last time Austin talked about Liz on social media and posed for a picture with her during an event. They looked happy and at ease with each other; however, trouble was brewing. Just five weeks later, the announcement was made. They are no longer an item and hope to remain on friendly terms.

Celeb Dirty Laundry reported months ago that Liz and Austin had ended their relationship and were afraid to tell the fans, just yet. They wanted to become the next Big Brother super couple. They felt they had the fans’ support, and their super couple stardom was a sure thing. Big Brother fans never embraced them as a pair after the audience witnessed Austin dump his girlfriend on national TV by beginning a relationship with Liz.

Big Brother 17 alum Liz Nolan and Austin Matelson have split, officially. They want their fans to know that they will remain friends and active on social media. Big Brother fans, are you surprised Liz and Austin ended their relationship?

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