Kristen Wiig Receiving Rave Reviews For ‘AbracaDeborah,’ A Movie That Doesn’t Exist!

Kristen Wiig apparently has a new movie out, or so fans would think if they read movie reviews or even followed Kristen Wiig on social media. The Independent reports that the critics attending the Sundance Film Festival are all talking about AbracaDeborah, Kristen Wiig’s new movie, but one that was never made.

Mike Ryan of Uproxx started the whole thing by joking on Twitter about reminiscing about the Partridge Family after watching AbracaDeborah, stating it starred Kristen Wiig.

“@misterpatches Remembrance of a Partridge premieres Monday, right after AbracaDeborah. Both star Kristen Wiig.”

Amazingly, even though there is no such movie as AbacaDeborah, critics jumped on board with the ruse and began giving incredible reviews for the movie and Kristen Wiig’s performance.

AbracaDeborah: Career best for Kristen Wiig. A statement on human loneliness. Long & well deserved standing ovation. Floored! #Sundance

— Tomris Laffly (@TomiLaffly) January 27, 2016

There were so many reviews about the fake Kristen Wiig movie that people attending the festival started wanting tickets to go see AbacaDeborah. The demand for tickets got to the point that festival organizers had to tell people to stop.

Many people were confused and truly disappointed that the movie AbacaDeborah didn’t exist, but with the hype that generally surrounds the Sundance Film Festival, it’s not surprising that the hype about the non-existent film took off. Sam Adams of CriticWire writes that the reviews of Kristen Wiig’s non-existent movie were so convincing in part because these critics sometimes write a lot more ridiculous reviews for real movies.

“But after six days, Sundance’s critics had churned out so many fervent insta-reactions and so much overheated Oscar talk that it was easy to mistake their gags for the real deal — especially since some of their made-up raves are less ridiculous than things some critics have written about actual movies.”

Of course, Kristen Wiig is every bit as talented as those fake reviews make her out to be. Digital Spy reports that in Zoolander 2, she is absolutely hilarious as Alexanya Atoz and steals the show when she does the commercial for “youth milk.”

“When you look old you feel sad, when you look young you look happy.”

SplitSider reports there is also a new trailer for Zoolander 2 that dropped on Wednesday.

Kristen Wiig attended the Berlin premiere of Zoolander 2 on Tuesday night, and she looked stunning, very different from her whacky character in the movie, who Breaking News reports couldn’t even move her face because of the prosthetics Wiig had to wear to get the right look. In fact, Fashionista reports that she rocked an incredible rainbow-colored dress covered in Swarovski crystals. This effect was subtle, yet incredible, right down to the shoes!

Another real movie Kristen Wiig will soon appear in is the Ghostbusters reboot, something that fans of the 1980s classic are eagerly awaiting. On Wednesday, Sony released a string of new photos from the set of the movie, just enough to whet the appetite of fans.

There is even LEGO and new action figures of the new Ghostbusters gang, immortalizing Kristen Wiig and her cast-mates in plastic forever.

What an incredible time for Kristen Wiig, with the great new movies coming out and even the fake one that has garnered so much interest. In fact, there is so much interest in AbacaDeborah that perhaps someone should write the screenplay for her. She would definitely rock it! Besides, some of Hollywood’s biggest movies have premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, such as Brooklyn, The Birth of a Nation, Boyhood, and Whiplash. What is there to lose if Kirsten Wiig’s AbacaDeborah joins the ranks?

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