Andi Dorfman’s Ex Josh Murray Talks Heartbreaking Chemo Treatments

Andi Dorfman was a beloved Bachelorette star because she spoke her mind. Many men adored her for speaking out, telling Juan Pablo Galavis that it wasn’t okay for them to spend time in the Fantasy Suite together when he wasn’t asking about her. Andi quickly realized that this relationship wasn’t for her, and she left the show. But she made quite the impression and was asked back. And when Dorfman and Josh Murray got engaged, people thought it was meant to last. But just weeks later, they broke off the engagement, and he has been silent ever since.

According to a new tweet, Andi Dorfman’s ex Josh Murray has been keeping his distance from the public eye, but he’s now sharing some devastating news. His beloved dog Sabel has been diagnosed with cancer, and it sounds like it is quite the emotional journey for both him and Sabel. It is no secret that Josh loves his dog, as he is often posting pictures of himself with her on social media.

“1st round of chemo for my precious Sabel tomorrow morning, praying all goes well,” he revealed earlier this week, adding on the day of the chemo, “1st chemo treatment is underway for Sabel, long day for her today, such a tough girl.”

While Andi Dorfman is busy posting pictures from her Super Bowl experience, her time at the local hockey games and even her business plans, her former fiancee is truly struggling. Josh had Sabel when he met Dorfman, so she knows what she means to him. And yet, the two haven’t exchanged any messages on Twitter, which is weird since Dorfman has reached out to her ex-boyfriend, Chris Soules, about him being her favourite farmer. At least Murray has his fans to help him through this horrible time.

“Hope it went ok, Josh. I went through that with my first golden boy. So tough. Our loyal babies,” one follower wrote, while another added, “sending your sweet girl some prayers and you too. Maybe to trip to get a hamburger after her first round.”

Many others also shared their thoughts and prayers with him.

But this cancer journey started a while back. Two weeks ago, he posted a heartbreaking message on social media, revealing that Sabel’s leg would be removed due to cancer.

“Tomorrow is gonna be a rough day – My precious Sabel has surgery to remove her back leg because of the cancer that’s eating away at her bone (osteosarcoma) – please pray for her, she is such a strong and brave girl, I know the Lord has plans for a bright future and she will recover quicker than ever, God willing. I’m not giving up and neither is she. #MyBestFriend,” he revealed.

Denver by 3 ... ???? #Superbowl50

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Of course, Andi Dorfman may not be reaching out to him because they ended on a sour note. Even though she may know how heartbreaking this is to Josh, she could be keeping her distance. According to Us Weekly, the two had quite the Twitter feud after they broke up. He accused Andi of logging into his social media accounts, but Dorfman denied the accusations. When they broke up, they announced it in a mutual statement.

“After several months of being engaged and working on our relationship, we have decided that it’s best for both of us to go our separate ways,” the statement read.

Andi Dorfman later clarified that they had separated because they both have dominant personalities. Despite a possible bad break, Andi should reach out to Josh. She even had a relationship with the dog, as shown in this article’s picture.

Do you think Andi Dorfman should send an encouraging message to Josh Murray?

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