Justin Bieber and Courtney Love, Making Out Or Just Making Friends? See The Video

Justin Bieber and Courtney Love happened to run into each other at the Saint Laurent Palladium on February 10. It was just another Wednesday night. Well not really… The Saint Laurent fashion reveal was a huge Hollywood event, where Justin met up with a lot of exciting folks including Joan Jett, Lady Gaga, Sam Smith, Beck, Chris Cornell and Lenny Kravitz with his family. Former Nirvana bass player Krist Novoselic also met with Bieber.

Justin Bieber and Courtney Love were both just hanging out with the whole musician crowd apparently. There are a lot of pictures of Justin sitting and standing next to Joan Jett. There are some pictures of him with Lady Gaga as well. Selfies, professional photos and some rather clandestine videos have surfaced from that night. NME features photos of Justin with many of these stars. Alternative Nation has some details of Love’s meeting with Bieber. Most evidence from that night, is just pictures of people lined up against walls or sitting in audiences, but at least one video and corresponding photo are a bit more interesting.

Recording artist Justin Bieber attends the 2015 American Music Awards wearing a Nirvana T-shirt

So, Justin Bieber and Courtney Love look pretty close in this brief video and photo. Where is the line between making out and hanging out. We know that Courtney Love tends to be harmlessly affectionate with most people. She is a hugger. She hugged Lady Gaga and others in their little crowd of friends, comfortably and easily. There are photos of her hugging Bieber as well. Courtney is very friendly in recent years. It is hard to tell, but somehow this brief interaction looks a bit more intense than usual.

Courtney Love was Justin Bieber’s would be champion on Twitter, after the American Music Awards. Bieber was criticized, by hard core Nirvana fans, for wearing a Nirvana Tee-Shirt to that star studded fashion event, as reported on the Mirror. Courtney spoke up in his defense, or rather she was tweeting in his defense.

“You’re cool in my book @justinbieber xc”

Coming from Kurt Cobain’s widow, that means a lot, though she more than anyone, knows what it is like to be discounted as not good enough to be associated with Kurt Cobain. Nirvana fans have been critical of her, especially in the wake of Cobain’s untimely and apparently self inflicted death.

Justin Bieber understands Courtney Love has been through a lot. Justin is almost as famous for his compassion as his music. He’s always there to save the women and children, and to champion various individuals in trouble. The 51-year-old Courtney Love has been tragically and unexpectedly widowed. She has been blamed in a variety of ways by fans and family friends for Kurt’s suicide. Through it all she struggled valiantly with addictions including s heroin addiction. She has completely quit many times, but it is always a battle and she has relapsed and had to go through withdrawal several times. Courtney’s many battles and struggles are well documented in Wikipedia for those who don’t remember.

Joan Jett Justin Bieber crowd

Justin Beiber and Courtney Love are so different. Their life experiences are definitely worlds apart. Courtney is 30 years older than 21 year old Bieber, and has been through things that would be hard for the 21 year old to even comprehend. Yet, deep down, there seems to be a lot of chemistry and emotion between them. Whether this relationship is romantic is hard to tell, but there appears to be some connection between them.

Justin Bieber and Courtney Love seem to be, at the very least, rapidly becoming close friends

[Photos by Kevork Djansezian and Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images]