‘RHOC’ Star Vicki Gunvalson’s New Man’s Criminal Past Exposed, Will She Ever Find A Man Without Drama?

Vicki Gunvalson’s newest relationship might be headed for an abrupt end. While the Real Housewives of Orange County star appeared more than happy with her newest man, Jack Losey, the construction manager has a criminal past. Will Gunvalson ever find a man without controversy?

According to Radar Online, Losey’s past includes an incident involving aggravated assault. Back in 1999, Losey was involved in an altercation with his now ex-wife, Sarah Losey and one of her friends, Tammie Jordan.

Apparently, Losey and his wife got into a fight at a bonfire that resulted in Losey pushing his wife. Jordan came to her friend’s aid and claimed that Losey caused her to fall into the fire pit, causing second and third-degree burns.

In the legal battle that ensued, Losey’s wife revealed that he had a history of violent behavior. This included an instance where he “grabbed her left forearm, slammed it on the counter.” That being said, Losey was not convicted for any of these attacks nor did anything come of the altercation at the bonfire.

It isn’t known if Losey has since turned his life around or not, but his troubled past has not given Gunvalson any second thoughts. In fact, the reality star recently posted a few photos on her Instagram page of one her nights out with Losey.

Jack Losey and Vicki Gunvalson posed with his son. [Image via Instagram]
According to Ok Magazine, one of Gunvalson’s reps has since confirmed that the two are dating. “She is dating Jack. It’s not exclusive and not serious, but Jack has already met Brianna and Brianna definitely approves,” the rep shared. “And Ryan is very excited because they have a lot in common and same interest like ATV riding.”

That being said, Gunvalson’s social media activity also created controversy after it was revealed that one of her photos with Losey was taken back in 2011. During that time, Gunvalson was still married to Donn Gunvalson, which insinuates that she may have had an affair with Losey long before her divorce was finalized.

Meanwhile, as fans will recall, Gunvalson moved on from her time with Donn and started to date Brooks Ayers. However, following Ayers’ cancer controversy during the last season of RHOC, Gunvalson decided to end things for good.

Considering all of the controversy surrounding Vicki Gunvalson’s latest choice in men, it isn’t clear if she will decide to part ways with Losey. After all, Gunvalson is in desperate need to repair her image following last season’s cancer debacle and her subsequent falling out with most of the cast members on the show.

In fact, Reality Tea is reporting that Gunvalson is no longer speaking to most of the ladies on the reality show. Instead, she recently re-connected with some of the show’s earlier cast members, including Tammy Knickerbocker and Jeana Keough.

“Housewife impromptu reunion. @tammy_knickerbocker @jeanakeough,” Gunvalson wrote. “Great memories filming Season 2&3 with @tammy_knickerbocker and seasons 1-6 with @jeanakeough. #woohoo.”

Tammy, Jeana and Vicki at their mini reunion. [Image via Instagram]
Gunvalson’s reunion might seem like a desperate move to many fans, but there is a possibility that she can rebuild her friendships with other cast members on the show. This includes Tamra Judge and Heather Dubrow, both of whom stated that they are willing to reconnect with Gunvalson if she offers them some kind of apology for the cancer scam. As far as the other ladies on the show are concerned, only time will tell if they can forgive Gunvalson.

While fans wait to learn more about Gunvalson’s newest men drama, the 11th season of The Real Housewives of Orange County is currently in production. With Gunvalson already committed to the new season, fans are definitely in for another drama-filled affair when the reality show returns later this year.

Tell us! How long will Vicki Gunvalson be with Losey? Give us your predictions in the comments below.

[Image via Bravo]