Mattel Halo Toys Bring Xbox Smash Hit To The Physical World

Mattel is bringing a series of Halo toys to die-hard fans of the signature Xbox franchise, reveals the Microsoft game counsel on Friday.

The new set of Mattel products are set to make their debut this weekend at the New York Toy Fair, where the press release says they will also be on public display during Mattel’s Collector’s Night on Sunday.

Mattel will be getting in on the more than $5 billion Halo franchise. Since the original game was first released in 2001 as part of Xbox’s premiere run, it has expanded into everything from New York Times best-selling graphic novels to T-shirts to the Mattel-owned MEGA Bloks brand. Microsoft Corporate VP and head of special Halo unit 343 Industries Bonnie Ross expresses excitement over the upcoming collaboration.

“The success we’ve seen with the Halo MEGA Bloks franchise over the years laid the foundation for this partnership. We’re excited to work with Mattel to bring innovative, quality and, most of all, fun products to old and new Halo fans alike.”

are you psyched for Halo Mattel toys One of the biggest videos games of all time is teaming up with one of the biggest toy companies of all-time to give ‘Halo’ fans something special. [Image via Mattel and Microsoft]Mattel will be bringing a total of 15 new Halo toys to the market that will retail from $9.99 to $69.99. Among them are remote controlled cars, fake guns and action figures, some of which have been created through Tyco and BOOMCo. Mattel SVP of Design and Marketing Joe Lawnadus notes that the partnership attempts to hit several platforms.

“We’re excited to expand our relationship with Halo and 343 Industries to create and collaborate on a broad range of multi-category toys and collectibles… From MEGA Bloks to blasters, action figures to radio controlled vehicles, our new line for 2016 features something for Halo fans everywhere.”

toys by Mattel themed around Halo The toy and ‘Halo’ fanatic in you will be handing over some cash to Mattel later this year. [Image via Microsoft and Mattel]Response from Halo fans on social media to the Mattel and Microsoft deal was strong, with many saying that they would definitely be purchasing items from the upcoming line. A quick look at the profiles praising the deal makes it clear that even though Mattel is a toy company, it’s definitely going to be bringing in a decent amount of business from adults with this venture.

Other fans who had already indulged in some of the other Halo toys to hit the market under other brands hoped the new product would be better than what was already offered. Although, that’s not to say everyone was immediately sold on the new product.

While the holidays are a long way off, Mattel customers also thanked the company for solving their anniversary and birthday gift conundrums. Microsoft can hope they’ll be able to keep the momentum surrounding the Halo toys’ launch up until Christmas.

You can check out full details about the Mattel Halo toys in Microsoft’s announcement.

[Images via Mattel and Microsoft]