George Clooney: What’s Really Going On In His Marriage With Amal

George Clooney has said that Amal Amalauddin is finding it hard to stay married to him. He says Amal finds it hard to handle his fame. Could this mean their marriage could be on the rocks?

There were reports that Amal was seen without a ring, OK! Magazine reported. Could that mean it’s end of the road for the couple?

He confesses that it’s just hard to take pleasure in simple things in life. For instance, just a walk in the park is a no-no, the Mirror reported.

He said, “It’s harder for her. We were in New York and Amal, who lived in New York for six years and worked there, said: ‘Let’s walk to Central Park’, and I said: ‘You can’t.’”

He says he does not mean to be whiny about being rich and famous, but that he is just “explaining” it.

“I say this with the understanding, that no one wants to hear people who have fame and everything, complain. I’m not complaining, I’m just explaining it. You can’t walk out when there is 30 people follow you everywhere.”

George Clooney Amal

“That is always the case. For her that is the real adjustment,” he added.

While it is a “real adjustment” for Amal Clooney, could that really mean the couple is no longer willing to work on their relationship? That’s not true.

Although from a distance it may look like their marriage is not working out, he explains that she can handle the most difficult circumstances very well and that she is “great.”

From what Clooney says, it can be concluded that he is very proud of his human rights lawyer wife Amal, 38.

He continued, “She has gotten two people out of prison that had no business being in prison including the President of the Maldives, Nasheed, who was the only democratically elected President and was charged with terrorism and put in a prison in the Maldives for 13 years. She has just got him out. She is really good at what she does. And I’m very proud of the work she does.”

He said they are working on remodeling their house in Berkshire village of Sonning. He said that it’s been “hell” doing so.

But he added, “I’m very happy. We are having a really fun time. We are remodeling our house which is hell. We’ve got married and remodeled the house. We are having fun.”

Women are not the only ones George Clooney admires, though. Clooney says he really likes Daniel Craig and thinks he should be voted “the sexiest man alive.”

It doesn’t look like there is any reason to worry. The couple was seen at the Berlin International Film Festival Red Carpet on Thursday for the premiere of his film Hail, Caesar!, People has said.

At the film fest, Clooney also talked about refugee crisis in Europe.

News has also been out about his little tiff with a reported.

He clarified the situation by saying, “I spend a lot of time working on these things, and it’s an odd thing to have someone stand up and say, ‘What do you do?’ That’s fine, knock yourself out. I have gone to places that are very dangerous and I work a lot on these things.”

He said he would also be meeting Angela Merkel and talk about the refugee issue and he asked the reporter, “I’d like to know what you are doing to help the situation?”

It looks like Mr. Clooney and his wife are facing the regular celebrity couple troubles. And there is no real reason to believe that George Clooney and his wife would not be able to come out of it all.

[Photo By Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]