WWE News: Rey Mysterio Set To Return To WWE Once Lucha Underground Commitments Are Up

Former WWE World Champion Rey Mysterio happens to be one of the most popular wrestlers in the world. In America, people love him, and Europe explodes when they see him work there. However, he happens to be somewhat of a God down in Mexico. It should come as no surprise, then, that he wanted to go and work for both AAA Wrestling as well as their partner in Lucha Underground.

Sadly for Rey Mysterio, it does not seem to be working out for the veteran luchador. AAA is having financial issues according to The Wrestling Observer, and that is pushing Rey to not wanting to work with them as much. Meanwhile, he has already worked with Lucha Underground and is set to potentially work their Season 3 shows, as well. They apparently offered him a relatively good contract.

Mysterio is getting paid well to work a light schedule and he can still take independent bookings for high amounts, which is big. However, there is a good shot he goes back to WWE. According to Cageside Seats, Rey Mysterio is planning to go back to WWE once his commitments with Lucha Underground are up. The problem is, it is uncertain when he’ll be done with them. Many believe he’ll just be with them through the Season 3 shows, but afterward he very well could be open to doing whatever he pleases.

Rey AAA [Image via AAA Wrestling]If WWE is interested, Mysterio is looking to return to WWE on a part-time schedule as he feels his body is not able to work the brutal, full-time schedule with WWE. With all of the injuries as of late, it would make sense for WWE to think about the idea.

Plus, how big could a potential Kalisto/Rey Mysterio rivalry be? WWE tried to use Mysterio as an aide to the original Sin Cara; however, it seems he could never seem to get doing. Many believe this is not all on the former Cara, as he was not taught the WWE style in development. They threw him on the main roster right away and it just could not work out for a man who had never worked the American style of wrestling before.

WWE tried to help Cara out by having him work with a lot of former independent workers or Hispanic performers, all who knew how to work with lucha libre talent. However, it didn’t work and WWE still had to rely on Mysterio to help them in the Hispanic world. Kalisto is really improving and showing he can be a legit star. The ring work is so similar to Rey’s that, if let loose, the two of them could bring the house down.

Rey Cara
image via WWE

Many believe that WWE could make this match occur by WWE SummerSlam if Rey is back in the company by then. If not, it could be a good WrestleMania 33 idea. WWE wanted to have Sin Cara vs Rey Mysterio at WrestleMania before, but one or both were hurt whenever it was time. With Kalisto showing great ability, what better way to get him over with the Hispanic audience than have him work with the great Rey Mysterio.

Even if this rivalry doesn’t happen, — although, it should — WWE can still benefit from a veteran working with the company again. Rey may not be The Rock, but he’s still Rey Mysterio, popular luchador. Clearly Rey can help in any storyline WWE wants to add him to. It would be a big get at this point to bring him back. Mysterio claimed that he and WWE were on good terms when he left, so a return is not too far fetched at this point. We will have to wait and see if WWE does end up bringing back, but we can assume there’s a good shot he is back by 2017.

[Image via WWE]