5 Reasons Cam Newton Shouldn’t Change

All one has to say is “Cam Newton,” and a firestorm of opinions will be the result. The Carolina quarterback has become one of the most polarizing figures in the NFL. His dabbing, infectious smile, and outspoken personality have made him both enemies and fans. But, there are those who want the 2015 MVP to change. There’s no need. Here are five reasons why he should keep doing what helped him succeed.

Get over it

The season is over. It’s time to start thinking about who’ll be making a run for the Lombardi next year. Newton managed to keep the attention of fans all year. Whether you hated Newton or cheered for him to go all the way, the time has come to put all emotions in check. Cam has been a hot topic since the end of the Super Bowl due to his attitude over losing. But it’s time to truly move on.

Archie Manning, the father of Super Bowl champion Peyton Manning, defended Newton. Per The Charlotte Observer, the elder Manning spoke about the abrupt exit.

“It’s really hard, really, really hard,” Archie Manning told reporters in Mississippi on Wednesday. “I like Cam. I’m not going to blast Cam. As a parent you say, ‘I wish he’d have handled it a little different.’ But it hurts. It’s a hard time, winning the Super Bowl or losing the Super Bowl. Cam, he’ll learn from it.”

If Peyton’s dad can let it go, the rest of America can do it to.

Cam is having fun

When was the last time you saw a quarterback having so much fun? Newton dabbed and joked his way into the hearts of those who enjoyed the entertainment. The only other quarterback to draw as much attention was the Bengals’ Andy Dalton. His new hairstyle almost upstaged his breakout year in Cincinnati.

Newton made kids laugh and old ladies dance. Even Betty White was grooving to the moves he thrust upon football fans. Yes, she “hit dem folks” with her impeccable version.


Football is not that serious

The game has become larger than life, to an extent. But, it’s still just that. It’s a game played by millionaires for billionaires. It’s basically three hours of reality television, filled with drama and strategy. Sometimes, the football gods will allow a game to go into overtime. That’s a really serious scenario. Outside of the charitable things that Newton and other players decide to do, the NFL is still organized madness.

Newton proved a point

Tons of people predicted that Cam Newton would fail. Not only were the predictions off base, some were just downright hate filled. Attempting to list all of the negative feedback on Newton could easily fill a few loose-leaf binders. One Bleacher Report analyst had a field day, when writing about his draft position and how it was a mistake.

Another write-up is so scathing, it sounds more like a personal attack. Each of the articles eloquently describes how Newton will be a bust. It would be nice to know if those “journalists” offered any apologies to the NFL MVP.

5 Reasons Cam [Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images]We need Newton’s flair

The NFL has suddenly become a serious and stoic place to be. There was a time when being between the lines was fun. There was integrity and respect. Players were connected to the fans and the cities they played for. Doing good deeds around the community wasn’t something done for a photo-op. Donating time to the needy or giving a kid cleats, after a game, was just part of the deal.

Cam does that and more, behind the scenes. Newton needs to stay the same. If not for him, he needs to do it for everyone.

[Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images]