Lady Gaga Tribute To David Bowie Planned For Grammy Awards

Lady Gaga will take the stage by storm to pay tribute to David Bowie at the 58th Annual Grammy Awards. For approximately seven minutes, she will pay homage to her greatest role model. The audience should expect to see Gaga in a lavish and stunning wardrobe worthy of the 1970s pop star era. Her performance will feature three or four David Bowie songs, chosen from his countless list of hits and favorites. Rolling Stone reports she plans to highlight not only Bowie’s music, but also his contributions to fashion and pop culture. The performance should be amazing.

Lady Gaga will not be the only stunningly-dressed woman on the red carpet, though, as there will be a host of stars and exciting musical performances. The Grammy Awards will be held on Monday night, February 15, at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. The event will air live on CBS so viewers at home can watch their favorite music stars perform and receive awards.

Lady Gaga is the perfect choice for a David Bowie tribute at the Grammy Awards. One can see the similarity between the early works of David Bowie and Lady Gaga, by comparing David Bowie’s early persona “Ziggy Stardust” with Lady Gaga’s early performances like “Paparazzi.”

Lady Gaga is having an incredible year: After performing at the Super Bowl, she’ll take the stage at the Grammy Awards and the Oscars. These are the big three of all televised events, drawing in more viewers than any other television programs. Gaga has also been nominated for a Grammy Award of her own, for “Till It Happens to You.” She co-wrote the song with Diane Warren and performed it in the documentary-style movie The Hunting Ground.

The late rock icon David Bowie has always been Lady Gaga’s favorite role model. She understands and appreciates his music, sense of style, and larger-than-life persona, because she feels she shares his particular calling in the pop music performance genre.

Lady Gaga mentioned David Bowie in an interview with Scott Feinberg of the Hollywood Reporter a few days before the singer’s passing. Billboard has transcribed the interview as well. She was obviously moved when she spoke of Bowie, a man who inspired her career and life.

“When I fell in love with David Bowie, when I was living on the Lower East Side, I always felt that his glamour was something he was using to express a message to people that was very healing for their souls. He is a true, true artist and I don’t know if I ever went, ‘Oh, I’m going to be that way like this,’ or if I arrived upon it slowly, realizing it was my calling and that’s what drew me to him.”

David Bowie

Lady Gaga, continued to speak of Bowie, not realizing that only a month later she would be memorializing him at the Grammy Awards. She spoke of their shared calling and about the major goal of that calling.

“I just know that you can use the theater of your imagination to entertain people beyond their wildest dreams and then you can put something inside of that that changes the world, and that to me is when you make something truly great as an artist.”

Recording artist Lady Gaga

On Monday night, Grammy Awards attendees, and viewers at home as well, will be transported to Lady Gaga’s theater of imagination, where David Bowie will again come to life, if only for seven minutes, though the superstar performer Lady Gaga. She will lend her voice to the rock icon, allowing his work to flow through her. The moment will no doubt be very heartfelt and touching for her, as well as Bowie fans in the audience.

Lady Gaga will perform David Bowie songs at the Grammy Awards, being at once a fan of the great pop and rock icon and a music icon in her own right.

[Photos by Steve Wood, Jack Kay, and Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]