Valentine’s Day Gifts Googled The Most In Each State: Tennessee Has Issues

When it comes to buying a gift for Valentine’s Day, the right one can make all the difference in the world. Then again, the wrong gift could spell disaster and bring about arguments, fighting, anger, or even people splitting up. Some research is needed when it comes to selecting the best gift. With Valentine’s Day 2016 right around the corner, it’s time to look at what gifts have been googled the most by state, and some of them are weird.

There are going to be millions of Americans heading out to stores this weekend, if they haven’t done so already, to pick up gifts for their loved ones. If they end up selecting the wrong present, then they’re going to wish the end of the world on Valentine’s Day 2016 prediction made in Ghostbusters 2 was coming true.

Estately took it upon themselves to figure out what people are looking for when it comes to buying the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day. They figured out the which gifts have been googled most by state and some of them seem quite normal and typical while others are unique and sweet.

There are flowers and romantic dinners and stuffed animals and thoughtful cards and even poetry. Then, there’s Tennessee residents who googled “cheap sex toys” the most for their Valentine’s Day gifts.

tommy lee jones valentine's day 2016 most googled gifts [Image via Miramax Films]The following list shows just one of the items that is googled the most by each state in the country. Most states have more than one item, but this is the one that stands out the most and comes from “Googled Trends” over a period of time from 2004 through present day.

Alabama: Poetry by Lord Byron

Alaska: Flower delivery

Arkansas: Zales jewelry

Arizona: Jacquie Lawson e-cards

California: Couples pajamas

Colorado: Couples yoga

Connecticut: Edible arrangements

Delaware: Gift cards

gift cards valentine's day gifts googled by state [Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]Florida: Pandora jewelry

Georgia: Satin pajamas

Hawaii: Couples massage

Idaho: Adam & Eve – Not from the Bible, but the adult store

Illinois: Chocolate fondue

Indiana: Romantic getaway

Iowa: Tandem bicycle

Kansas: Helzberg diamonds

Kentucky: Couples tattoo

Louisiana: Silk sheets

Maine: Poetry by Robert Burns

Maryland: Pro Flowers

Massachusetts: Couples cooking class

Michigan: Ballroom dancing lessons

Minnesota: Silk boxers

Mississippi: Mix-tape

Missouri: Vejazzling

Montana: Lobster tails

Nebraska: Helzberg jewlery

Nevada: Adult onesie

New Hampshire: Stuffed animal

New Jersey: Wine gift basket

New Mexico: Hickey

New York: Candygram

North Carolina: Sterling silver jewelry

North Dakota: Couples retreat (Not the movie, but you think of it in that way)

couples retreat valentine's day 2016 gifts [Image via IMPAwards]Ohio: Pandora bracelet

Oklahoma: Marriage counseling

Oregon: Romance novel

Pennsylvania: Edible underwear

Rhode Island: Charm bracelet

South Carolina: How to be romantic

South Dakota: JCPenney portraits

Tennessee: Cheap sex toys

Texas: Plus-size lingerie

Utah: Sweethearts candy

sweethearts candy valentine's day [Image by Necco]Vermont: Romantic movies

Virginia: Kama Sutra

Washington: Bear skin rug

West Virginia: Handcuffs

Wisconsin: Teddy bear

Wyoming: Mail-order bride

Some of the Valentine’s Day gifts that are googled throughout the United States are quite normal and rather common for what one may think they’re going to give. Others are a bit more strange, and there are those that go along the line of deeper romance and compassion.

When all else fails to come to mind, there is South Dakota and their JCPenney portraits. Make sure to check out all of the other gifts that are googled per state by checking out the full list at Estately.

If you don’t necessarily have someone for this Valentine’s Day, and you’d like to get yourself something, then some of these ideas may come in handy. For those that don’t wish to Google their gifts and want something more heartfelt, there’s always a Valentine’s Day marathon or two.

[Image by Wathiq Khuzale]