Want To Take A Trip To Space? NASA’s Space Tourism Posters Might Just Let You

It’s no surprise that NASA would want to inspire people to invest their time and energy into space travel, the question is how to do that? With the creation of these space tourism posters, NASA offers a vision of life as it very well could be if humans were to ever colonize space. The site where NASA offers the posters for free download is appropriately called Visions of The Future, and offers a variety of fun posters that are sure to get your imagination going.

The space tourism posters represent an assortment of different moons and planets. The tourism posters invite you to, for example, “Experience The Mighty Auroras of Jupiter,” or stop at the asteroid Ceres for water (it’s the last stop before Jupiter, after all). The posters’ designs call to mind the ads in Fallout, which use similar appearances and invite people to visit a company on another planet, for instance.

Want To Take A Trip To Space? NASA's Space Tourism Posters Might Just Let You
A poster of the NASA Space Tourism poster for Kepler 16b, a rocky planet found orbiting a pair of stars in the Kepler 16 system. [Image VIa Oatenslly, Wikimedia Commons]
The posters are outfitted with catchy slogans such as “Where the grass is always redder” for Kepler 186f, and a line invoking one to “visit beautiful southern Enceladus” for one of Saturn’s many moons. While the idea of traveling into space may seem like a thing for science fiction only, it’s not entirely unheard of. A company called Virgin Galactic has started to offer what it calls “space travel for the rest of us,” referring to the fact that previously only the very wealthy could afford tours into space.

So, if you want to (sort of) explore the last frontier for yourself, you can hop on over to NASA’s Visions of The Future site and grab any or all of their space tourism posters, totally free! Currently, there are 14 space tourism posters, covering a wide range of places from moons and asteroids to exoplanets found outside our solar system. Clicking any of the posters will also take you to a detailed description page if you want to learn some more about each of the locales covered.

In addition to being an amazing learning tool, NASA’s space tourism posters will also inform you about why space exploration is such a big deal. Clicking on Mars’ poster will teach you about NASA’s efforts to test whether the red planet is or was capable of hosting life, while clicking over to Enceladus will teach you a bit about the Cassini mission and its finds regarding Saturn’s rings (we won’t spoil the surprise).

Science Alert mentions that NASA’s design team for the posters has worked with scientists from the Jet Propulsion Lab to make the drawings very realistic while still keeping that “dare to dream” feel about them. As is to be expected, the Visions of The Future collection largely centers around NASA’s quest to find planets that might be suitable for humans to live on.

That being said, the space agency is also closely monitoring the shifts going on here at home so they can help us help planet Earth. Not that we want Earth to collapse on us, but the possibility of (maybe) being able to live on another planet is quite thrilling. If Earth did somehow collapse on itself, NASA seems to think Saturn’s moon Enceladus has one of the best shots at supporting life.

Want To Take A Trip To Space? NASA's Space Tourism Posters Might Just Let You
A NASA space tourism poster for the planet Kepler-186f, which orbits around the Kepler star system. [Image Via Oatenslly, Wikimedia Commons]
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[Image Via NASA, Wikipedia.org]

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