Camille Cosby Required To Answer Deposition Questions Except For Marital Ones

Camille Cosby's deposition is coming up, and she has to answer all the questions unless they pertain to her marriage, and then she can skip them, ABC News reported. Camille Cosby, 71, is required to give answers in connection with the lawsuit filed by seven women against her husband Bill Cosby. The women claim that Mr. Cosby drugged and/or sexually assaulted them years ago.

Camille Cosby and her legal team tried to get stop the deposition order because she believed that it violated the confidentiality of private talk between a husband and wife. They appealed and managed to postpone the deposition date, but according to ABC News, the motion to dismiss the deposition completely was denied by U.S. District Judge Mark G. Mastroianni. He ruled that Camille must answer all the questions unless they pertained to her marriage with Bill Cosby.

The marital disqualification rule will protect Camille Cosby from having to answer those questions, and they are happy with this victory. Camille will not have to answer or give testimony if the questions pertain to private conversations she had with her husband.

Cosby's spokesman, Andrew Wyatt, said, "Critically important decision by the court today, agreeing with Mrs. Cosby's appellate argument, affirming the confidential nature of and protection afforded to marital communications."

On Thursday, Judge Mark Mastroianni wrote, "This is a difficult issue as there is very little authority directly on the subject. The court concludes that the marital disqualification rule does apply to deposition testimony. Deponent, when appropriate, may refuse to answer deposition questions which call for testimony prohibited by the rule and not falling within an exception."

Judge Mastroianni added, "The court will not quash the deposition subpoena and will not issue a formal protective order."

Both sides take Judge Mark Mastroianni's ruling as a victory in their favor. The lawyers representing the seven women, including Joseph Cammarata and Tamara Green, said it was "a great day" for their side.

They believe Camille Cosby is one person who would know the most information about Bill's affairs. Camille and Bill have been married for more than 50 years, and Camille is also his business manager for that many years as well. It is rumored that years ago, Bill paid the women to keep their story a secret. If he did, Camille would undoubtedly know about large chunks of money going out in connection with the women.

Joseph Cammarata stated, "We intend to get that important information when we take her deposition" to prove Bill Cosby is guilty."

Camille's deposition is set for February 22 in Springfield, Massachusetts, unless the lawyers are successful in delaying it again.

Over 50 women have accused Bill Cosby of sexually molesting them. Most of his victims started out by saying that they looked up to Mr. Cosby as their mentor and a friend. Bill allegedly invited the women to his home, hotel suite, or a friend's residence for some alone time for small talk and dinner. Most of the women said that Bill offered them something to drink, like a glass of wine and/or a pill that would help them relax.

Some women believe Bill Cosby put something in their drinks, especially if they refused to take his relaxer pill. They would tell about taking a drink or two and suddenly begin to feel out of it. Some women lost consciousness but could remember bits of the evening when Mr. Cosby sexually molested them. Other women could not remember anything until they woke up the next day with no clothes on, with pain and/or wetness to indicate that something happened that night.

Bill Cosby was taken to court several times, and the case would be settled out of court. Mr. Cosby gave a deposition on the events of his extramarital activities and requested that the judge seal them. They remained sealed until dozens of women came forward to accuse the comedian of sexual assault.

Mr. Cosby's deposition was unsealed, and parts of it were released to the public. Bill Cosby admitted that he bought and obtained prescriptions for Quaaludes to give to the women he wanted to have sex with.

On December 30, 2015, Bill Cosby was arrested and charged with sexual assault in Pennsylvania. Mr. Cosby is accused of molesting Andrea Constand. The judge set Bill's bail at $1 million, and he was ordered to surrender his passport. His mugshot was also taken.

What kind of questions do you think they will ask Camille Cosby? Will she be able to answer many of those questions, or will she opt out on the grounds that it violates her private discussions with spouse Bill Cosby?

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