New ‘Batman V Superman’ Trailer Showcases Extremely Powerful Ben Affleck

The new Batman v Superman trailer arrived today. It almost guarantees a great movie. This Batman v Superman trailer, the final one before the film’s release next month, is a great showcase of the new interpretation on the Ben Affleck-era Batman. He’s full of tenacity and ultra resourceful. On top of that he’s old and bitter. But he’s still Batman, and still the most capable crime fighter in Gotham.

If comic book and movie fans have doubted Batman’s chances, well, think again. Batman has the one possible resource that can beat Superman. Batman has the one thing that has built spaceships, cities, and civilizations. Batman has brains. Batman probably also has access to kryptonite. And with everything else the way it is, that might be all he needs for the win. As long as Superman doesn’t catch him unprepared, it’s hard to see how he can lose, judging from the trailer.

And Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman gets more screen time, even after footage for her solo movie has since revealed where DC is looking to take her. She once again looks great, but the question of how much she’ll actually be in the movie remains. It depends how much of her DC wants to save for the Wonder Woman movie in the summer of 2017.

DC wants to be able to introduce more of its characters into these movies. Batman and Superman have both had numerous on-screen interpretations over the years, Wonder Woman and others, much less. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice should change that dynamic, if the vision Warner Bros. has works out.

Cyborg, Aquaman, and maybe even the Flash are supposed to show up in some capacity or other here. They’ll form the Justice League and then break out into solo films. How DC will balance this is crucial. If handled well, the Avengers better look out. DC characters hold more of a historical movie mythos, after all.

As Empire notes, The current trailer comes out just after two interesting trailers done in partnership with Turkish Airlines arrived around Super Bowl time. Those trailers made both Metropolis and Gotham City into real places that the airline can take you to. An ingenious and different advertising campaign, it leads nicely into the current Batman v Superman trailer.

Lex Luthor remains the same here as a superb little nitwit. That’s not his comics persona. Batman v Superman is pushing a Little Rascals-like version of Lex Luthor. Not much new is revealed about his role. The previous thinking is that he somehow brings Superman under his control to do bad things, which then leads Batman to feel the need to put an end to the madness. But with Lex Luthor anything is a possibility. It would depend if Batman really is the hero, or if he too succumbs to some brand of Lex Luthor control.

There is a bunch of new footage here, but no Doomsday. But as io9 revealed, in the Batman desert scene that flashes on screen for a millisecond, an omega symbol can be seen, hinting that heavyweight DC villain Darkseid is coming. If he’s not in this film, he’ll likely be the big villain for when the Justice League fully forms over the next films.

The kicker for the trailer works well here, coming at the end. Superman realizes Batman just stopped his punch. It’s dramatic. Superman isn’t as invincible as he thought he was. And then you realize this is going to be an even-matched hand-to-hand combat battle. Batman has thought up some crazy scheme, and has a number of suits and devices that are really going to give Supes a headache.

The new Batman v Superman trailer revealed a lot, and was just what Warner Bros. needed to fill movie theater seats.

[Image via MKJ Film Distribution]