'Killing Fields' Season Finale Recap: The Case Is Far From Over

The last Killing Fields episode, titled "Judgment Day," was a real nail-biter, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats. Detectives Rodie Sanchez and Aubry St. Angelo have narrowed down their list of suspects in the murder of Eugenie Boisfontaine, but that doesn't make this case any easier. The one person they really wanted to talk with is not cooperating, and they have to obtain a subpoena in order to get an interview. At the end of this Killing Fields episode, they must walk away with only a few of their questions answered and a killer still at large, but this investigation is just now picking up steam and is definitely far from over.

Killing Fields is Discovery's first true crime series and was shot in real time, allowing viewers to follow along on every aspect of the investigation. Ratings for Killing Fields has risen after every episode, and now the series has firmly placed the Discovery network as the top unscripted general entertainment cable net in the 10 p.m. hour across key demos. The series also set new rating highs among both men and women.

For those unfamiliar with this Killing Fields unsolved cold case, on June 13, 1997, it is believed that Louisiana State University graduate student Eugenie Boisfontaine disappeared from either her home in Baton Rouge or from the LSU lakes area where she sometimes went for walks. By chance, a visiting professor found her credit cards aligned in a circle near the lakes the next day.

The 34-year-old's body was found a few months later, on August 7, in Bayou Manchac near the Alligator Bayou Bar. When her death was ruled a homicide, due to blunt-force trauma to the back of her head, Sanchez was assigned to the case. After promising Eugenie's mother he would find her killer, this Killing Fields case has haunted him ever since.

As the years passed, Sanchez always hoped he would find who was responsible. He still wanted to keep the promise he made so long ago, and he decided to reopen the case. Hidden Remote shared that when he received the green light to proceed, Detective Aubrey St. Angelo was assigned to help him in the Killing Fields homicide investigation. Other detectives at the Iberville Parish sheriff's office also offer the pair further assistance as needed. Nearly two decades have passed since Eugenie was murdered, and the team is determined to bring her killer to justice.

With a fresh start and the help of new forensic technology, the Killing Fields homicide detectives get a big break in the case when DNA is retrieved from the victim's undergarments. Every person of interest except one voluntarily gives the team a DNA sample. During the Killing Fields season finale, the team scrambles to retrieve a sample from Eugenie's ex-husband. He wants nothing to do with their investigation and has blocked every attempt the detectives make to talk with him. After Detective Leslie Bradford swabs the door handle of his Hummer to retrieve his DNA, they submit all the DNA evidence for testing. The Killing Fields team discovers that the only DNA that could not be excluded was that of Eugenie's ex-husband.

When ordered by a judge to sit down for an interview with Sanchez and St. Angelo, he shows up with three lawyers in tow. After being read his rights, the ex-husband refuses to talk, and the interview is essentially over. As the ex-husband (his identity was never revealed on the show) and his team of lawyers leave, St. Angelo throws out the fact that they have his DNA. Spurred on by his behavior, this Killing Fields team is determined to continue to investigate him until they know whether or not he is involved in the murder.

ET Online shared that since the Killing Fields series is shot in real time, executive producer Tom Fontana explained via an email that the show had to prepare for every outcome.

"The team had three possible ways for the finale to go, so we were prepared for any eventuality," he wrote, stating that they had to work "very quickly" to get everything together for the final episode of the season.

Although the first season of Killing Fields just wrapped up without the case being solved, there is some good news. Discovery recently announced that six more episodes of Killing Fields were ordered, so there will be at least one more season. Killing Fields fans will be able to continue to follow this case as Sanchez and St. Angelo track down more leads and, perhaps, more suspects. After all, there was more than one DNA sample found on the undergarments.

Are you a fan of Killing Fields? Do you think they will find the killer or killers? Leave your comments, thoughts, and opinions below. If you missed any episodes, check local listings for dates and times of future airings. Killing Fields will air a special episode with never-before-seen footage and interviews on Tuesday, February 16 at 10 p.m. ET on Discovery.

[Image via Discovery, used with permission]