Vicki Gunvalson Bombshell Revealed: New Man Has Dangerous Past?

Real Housewives of Orange County star Vicki Gunvalson is ready to put her past behind her and move on with her life, including her love life. Vicki decided to ditch Brooks Ayers last year after she learned that he may have lied about having cancer. She stood by him throughout the year, as he continued to defend himself. Gunvalson had never questioned anything herself, so she felt weird turning her back on him. But when the evidence became too much, they broke up. Vicki found herself another man, but he may not be the angel she sees him as. According to a new Radar Online report, Vicki Gunvalson's new fling has an interesting past.

Gunvalson shared that she had gone on a date with Jack Losey, a man she met back in 2011 while she was in an on-and-off relationship with Brooks. Just weeks ago, she posted an image on Instagram with the caption "I'm happy tonight," with Jack in the picture. Reports quickly surfaced that she was dating this new man, but he may not have been open about his past.

As it turns out, Jack's name has surfaced in an arrest report, as he was once arrested for aggravated assault, according to Radar Online. Apparently, back in 1999, he was involved in an altercation with his then-wife, Sarah Losey. Jack and Sarah allegedly were at a bonfire with some friends when he threw his drink and pushed her in the back. But it wasn't his ex-wife he assaulted.

His accuser's name is Tammie Jordan. She tried to break up whatever was happening between Jack and his wife, and she claims that Jack pushed her, causing her to fall into the fire and suffer both first and second-degree burns. It is possible that he was drunk during this incident, but Vicki Gunvalson may have a hard time forgiving the assault. It does seem extreme that he would push a woman into a fire.

Jack turned himself in to police, but his lawyers argued that the claims were false and misleading. Rather than blame him, they said that Jordan was provoking him and was the aggressor in this case. In other words, they claim self-defense. And Vicki Gunvalson may believe his story if he tells it like this. As for his wife, she stood by Tammie and said that her husband displayed some wacky behavior and had a curious past.

Vicki's new flame was never charged in any domestic violence incident, even though she had plenty of stories. Radar Online shares another incident, where he got physical with her as he was looking for his keys. There was never a verdict filed for the bonfire incident, but one can imagine that Jordan has to live with her scars. If all of this is true, then one can imagine Vicki Gunvalson may think twice about bringing him around her grandchildren. Briana Culberson supposedly likes this new man, but she may think twice when she learns about his past behavior.

As for Vicki herself, she has moved on completely from Brooks and is ready to love another man. Last year, Gunvalson revealed that she was completely done with Brooks, and she wanted to apologize to her co-stars for all of the cancer lies and drama. But she stands by her story that she knew, according to Us Weekly.

"I witnessed him sick, losing weight, vomiting after treatments. He admitted to fake docs. I don't understand," Vicki Gunvalson told Extra in an exclusive interview, where she added, "I hate him, I hate him with everything in me, and I don't hate people. But I believed him, I trusted him, I defended him, took a bullet for him when people didn't like him."

What do you think of Vicki Gunvalson dating a potential abuser?

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