Lady Gaga On Jennifer Lawrence Being ‘The Prettiest Girl In The Room’

With the Academy Awards fast-approaching, the pre-awards events are the place to be. Most recently, an Academy Awards 2016 luncheon was held to bring together some of the most talented actors in Hollywood of the time.

At the luncheon was the Oscar hopeful for her lead in the movie Joy, Jennifer Lawrence. The Academy Awards 2016 nominee luncheon was held on Monday, February 8. While at the event, Lawrence was sure to meet up and mingle with pop star Lady Gaga, and snapped the token shot together to bring droves of fans onto social media when the said pic gets posted. It’s not everyday that these two talented beauties cuddle up for a pic at an Academy luncheon.

Gaga was sure to share the snap with her fans on Snapchat, as Just Jared relays, and expressed her adoration for Lawrence.

“[T]hat same day [Jen] made a special appearance on Gaga’s newly created Snapchat account. Gaga posted a selfie with Jennifer captioned, ‘Needed a pic with the prettiest girl in the room.’ “

Lady Gaga and JLaw; image via Snap Chat

That same evening, “the prettiest girl in the room” Lawrence made her way out to dinner looking sleek and gorgeous in all black. The beauty wasn’t keen on letting paparazzi have the same liberties as Gaga, and instead shied away from the cameras that were set on getting the perfect shot of the star.

” [I]n all black as [Jen] heads into Madeo restaurant on Monday (February 8) in West Hollywood, Calif. The 25-year-old actress shied away from cameras as she ducked into the restaurant incognito.”

The director of Lawrence’s most recent film, Joy, spoke on the film that Jen has been nominated as Best Actress in, as Design & Trend shares.

“It’s a story that spans 30 years, a big family with a woman at the center of it all. There are elements of ‘The Godfather,’ a woman who was going to become a power and in some respects is made by the people surrounding her. The people who were her loved ones could also become obstacles to her dreams — but both the good and the bad spurred her on.”

The director notes the way the film is shot and the process he used for achieving the end result and capturing the story line in the manner he felt most telling of the main character’s story.

“It’s very much like a fable. On the surface it’s a seemingly ordinary invention, a mop, that’s part of an ordinary tale — but there’s a giant fable inside of it for me. We see Jennifer age across three decades from her childhood on. The movie changes rhythm completely once Joy stops being defined by the world she came from and instead defines her own space. You either die — your dreams die — or you make your own space. She had to become a fierce person, which is inspiring to me. That’s what drew me to her story.”

Lawrence has been nothing but positive and glowing comments about director of the film — one who she’s worked with on two other films, including Silver Linings Playbook and American Hustle.

“David really found this truth in women. Joy has a family, and she’s given up so much of her life for so long for her family — gladly — and she loves them dearly. But at the same time she has her own desires and has her own dreams. And that’s OK. It’s OK to have your own aspirations and push forward.”

Jennifer Lawrence has certainly made a name for herself in Hollywood, winning an Oscar for Silver Linings Playbook and being nominated on two other occasions with another possible win in the wings. It’s no wonder she is currently Hollywood’s highest paid actress.

Watch Jennifer Lawrence in the trailer for Joy.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]