Erika Girardi Breaks Her Silence: Does She See Herself As A Liar?

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Erika Girardi was labeled as a liar this week, as her co-stars felt that she wasn't being honest with them. Somehow, Yolanda Foster was under the impression that the ladies were questioning her children's illness, as two of her three children had been diagnosed with Lyme. Lisa Rinna felt that Girardi was the one who had told Yolanda these things. According to a new Bravo report, Erika Girardi is now speaking out, sharing her thoughts on the entire thing.

"First off, I am not a p***y or a liar. I never said that Lisa Rinna was the one who said anything about Yolanda's children," Erika reveals in her blog for this week's episode, adding, "I am, however, protective of my friend. When Yolanda asked me what happened at the BBQ, I told her that Kyle and Lisa Vanderpump were talking about Anwar and Bella. What Yolanda goes and does with that information, I do not know. She obviously has every right to confront people who were talking about her children, and she did so without my knowledge."

In defense of Erika Girardi, she did exactly as she describes in her blog. She merely delayed the information, and she didn't stir it up. And she did say that Kyle and Lisa were talking about it, but she didn't try to put words in their mouths about whether or not the children had Lyme disease. Plus, Girardi isn't scared of taking sides. She's loyal to Yolanda, and she doesn't think twice about sharing this information with her.

"She's my friend, she asked what happened, and I told her. Let's not try to shift the blame on to me in order to detract from their behavior (Munchausen, kids, etc.). No one in this room needs to pretend to be the victim. These women are not stupid and are quite aware of every move they make and every word they say," Girardi reveals, hinting that none of the ladies really took responsibility for what they were saying themselves.

Of course, Erika Girardi has always stood by her friend, and she has never questioned Foster's illness. If Yolanda tells her that she's struggling with Lyme disease, she believes her. When viewers first met Erika, she went with Yolanda for blood tests. She's never questioned anything she's told, and it never even crossed her mind that her co-star was faking an illness. So when Girardi started hearing accusations about Yolanda, she immediately wanted her friend to know about it. And she thinks that all of her co-stars should move on from this illness chatter.

"As far as me "shutting down" this conversation... yes it should be shut down, the whole thing. No more talking about the validity of Yolanda's illness and no more talking about her children's health. This is not acceptable and it is not the way 'friends' treat each other," Girardi points out, hinting that some people should stop talking about Foster's illness with other people in general, adding that life is too short to focus on such things.

While it is admirable that Erika Girardi is standing up for her friend, some of her co-stars are hung up on the fact that she downright lied. Kathryn Edwards, the other new housewife on this season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, is shocked that Erika would blatantly lie about when she talked to Yolanda, according to Bravo. Lisa Rinna was clearly upset as she was being accused of something she didn't do, but Girardi didn't speak up.

What do you think of Erika Girardi's explanation? Do you admire her loyalty to her friend, or do you think she should have spoken up?

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