Chris Hemsworth's 'Ghostbusters' Storyline Given Away By Lego Figure?

Chris Hemsworth is pictured by anyone and everyone as anything but a geek, yet GQ reports that a photo has finally been released from the new Ghostbusters reboot set and now fans get to see a glimpse of the hottie turned geek. In Ghostbusters, Chris Hemsworth plays the role of the secretary, played by Annie Potts in the original movie.

Seriously, though, considering it's Chris Hemsworth – Thor for goodness sake! – they have done a pretty good job of geeking him up for the role.

Of course, everyone knows Chris Hemsworth looks nothing like a geek in real life of in most of his movies. He is handsome, muscular, and stylish – and even more muscular! He is also the official international ambassador of the luxury watch brand Tag Heuer and Popsugar reports that Hemsworth got all dolled up last Thursday evening to attend the launch of Heuer 01, which was held at The Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney.As for being in Australia, apparently Chris Hemsworth is nothing but glad to be back. Hemsworth was living in Los Angeles for a time, but Daily Mail reveals that Hemsworth spoke about moving back to Australia when he was on the Today Show last Friday and he was very happy to have made the move. According to the movie star, Los Angeles never felt like home.
"LA, I loved it, it was great being there with the opportunities with work, [but] it didn't feel like home. Instantly, when I get off the plane, I'm back."
Chris Hemsworth was also very humble when speaking about his career and whether he is at the top of it.
"Nice for someone else to say that, I'm not sure where I'm sitting in the scheme of it all."
As for taking on his role in Ghostbusters, a very different and comedic role from what he is used to, he said it was scary and new.
"It was new, but scary. Walked on set the first day, I was scared out of my mind."
As for his career, Chris Hemsworth told reporters at the Tag Heuer event that he is sometimes anxious about his career.
"There is always that fear or anxiety about what's next and so on. It keeps me wanting to achieve new things and try to be a part of different environments and different films and directors and so on."
It's hard to imagine that Chris Hemsworth could be concerned about his career at all. Seriously! He's been immortalized in LEGO!Not only that, but zap2it reports that LEGO might just have given away a spoiler about Hemsworth's character in the Ghostbusters movie. Chris Hemsworth's character's name is Kevin and there are two LEGO figures available – both of them suited up in a Ghostbusters uniform. One of the figures has a normal face, but the other one has Kevin gritting his teeth and showing red eyes. Hmmm... Does this mean Kevin gets possessed in the movie? It would make for a great plotline.

Fans of Ghostbusters and Chris Hemsworth will have to wait until July to find out. But fans can find out about the famous Instagram photo that was posted by Hemsworth's brother Luke, a photo in which Chris Hemsworth had a serious right bicep, but not on the left.

E! Online reports that Hemsworth fessed up in an interview on The Project that Luke used a mixture of lighting, specific angles, and Photoshop to create the massive bicep. Hemsworth said he was really all skin and bones.

"Skin and bone under this jacket."
Fans seriously doubt that, Chris Hemsworth.

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]