Angela ‘Big Ang’ Raiola Says ‘Mob Wives’ Drama Is ‘Small Time Stuff’ Compared To Battling Illness

Angela “Big Ang” Raiola has often played the peacemaker throughout her many years on Mob Wives. On the latest episode that aired on Wednesday night, Big Ang continued to try to get the other women to stop their fighting and to come together. She also revealed to her co-stars that she was getting more ill.

As the episode aired, which showed the continuation of Brittany Fogarty’s physical fight with Marrisa Jade and its ramification, Big Ang shared her thoughts on the drama that was playing out on TV. In response to the scene in which she told Marissa to stop her feud with Brittany and expressed exasperation when Marissa refused to let it go, Big Ang wrote that she doesn’t have the head for “nonsense and drama.”

She tweeted that what people were watching was “small time stuff” compared to real-life fights like battling an illness.

In response to one viewer who tweeted that she loves how Big Ang wants everyone to be friends, Big Ang poignantly responded that life is too short.

In regard to her emotional scene with Karen Gravano and Renee Graziano, Big Ang said that she wasn’t looking forward to reliving the moment but understands that her journey will help educate others.

In that scene, Big Ang told Karen Gravano and Renee Graziano, while in a restaurant, about the possibility of lung cancer. She expressed reluctance over getting surgery again after what she went through with her throat cancer surgery.

“Oh please. I can’t take it. I’m over doctors. Now I got the CAT scan. My heart doctor told me that I might have a spot of cancer on my lung. So now this is like I’m over it. He wants to run tests to see if it’s cancer because of what’s going on with my throat cancer. I have not even thought about anything with my lung!…I can’t even think of going in an operating room again. I just had such an invasive surgery. I feel like they cut my head off and they put it back on. And it’s still not right. I feel f**king weird. I don’t wanna have surgery.”

Both Karen and Renee sympathized with Big Ang’s feelings but told her that she should have the surgery if that’s what it takes to get better. Big Ang shared with them her fear of dying from cancer

“Everybody I know always dies. My Uncle Sally died from it, five years ago. I just cry by myself ’cause I’m so scared that I think I’m just gonna die.”

Karen and Renee told her that she can’t think like that and to think of all the people who have survived cancer. Big Ang then started crying.

In her interview, Big Ang cried as she talked about her family.

“I am the person everybody in my family relies on. But, you know, I don’t wanna worry everybody in my family so I just keep everything to myself. And I don’t wanna tell the kids.”

In another interview, Big Ang admitted that she’s scared.

“I’ve never been this scared in my life. I can’t do this. To think that I have to do it over again, now for the lung? I’m mentally drained and exhausted, physically and emotionally done.”

Big Ang has received a barrage of support from her fans after it was revealed last week that her health is declining. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Big Ang’s sister revealed last week that Big Ang now has stage 4 brain and lung cancer and that chemotherapy is no longer working. A GoFundMe page has been set up on behalf of Big Ang so that she can have access to cannabis oil to relieve her pain.

As the latest episode aired, Big Ang tweeted her thanks for all of the concern, support, love, and well wishes.

Big Ang admitted that all of the messages that she has received has been overwhelming and reminded her fans that she loves them.

Big Ang did not tweet about her current condition. She only tweeted that she’s resting and that her taped appearance on The Dr. Oz Show, in which she discussed her current condition, will air next week.

During her Twitter session on Wednesday night, Big Ang also didn’t talk about whether she was able to attend the Mob Wives season 6 reunion show, which filmed last Friday. As the Inquisitr reported, Carla Facciolo seemed to tell fans that Big Ang wasn’t able to attend but then Renee Graziano tweeted that Big Ang did make it to the filming.

[Photo by Robin Marchant/Gety Images]