'The Young And The Restless' Spoilers And Speculation: Did Patty Really Kill Dr. Anderson?

Viewers have been buzzing about the death of Dr. Anderson on The Young and the Restless and spoilers tease that there may be more to this Genoa City death than was initially relayed. Y&R fans watched as Patty had flashbacks showing how she seemingly killed Dr. Anderson, but new tidbits regarding Thursday's show indicate that there could be some twists and turns on the way. What's the scoop?

As Celeb Dirty Laundry details, the Young and Restless spoiler preview for the February 11 episode shares a juicy tidbit indicating that Dylan will question Patty about Dr. Anderson's death. During the conversation, Patty wigs out and screams that she did not murder the doctor.

The show gave viewers a play-by-play of what supposedly happened between Patty and Dr. Anderson, and the way the doctor was killed seemed entirely plausible. However, is it possible that Patty imagined all of this and someone else truly killed the doctor? Some might say that seeing the show twist things up in this way would make a lot of sense, since it seemed almost too easy to reveal the details of the doctor's death so quickly.

It is also possible that Patty indeed did kill the doctor just as the initial flashbacks show, but that she is simply too incapacitated mentally to process it all. Another possibility would be that this really all revolves around a specific word choice. The Young and the Restless spoilers indicate that during this conversation, Williams seemingly screams at Dylan that she is not a murderer.

The way things played out in her flashbacks, Patty's actions were much more self-defense than intentional murder, so it may be that she is simply flipping out over the implication that she is a murderer. The Young and the Restless spoilers for the next few shows do not reveal anything juicy on this front, other than the preview, but more should be detailed during Thursday's show.

Knowing how Young and Restless works, it may well be that Patty did kill Anderson and simply is delusional and losing track of what she did. However, fans are buzzing about this and theorize that it certainly could be possible that a guard or someone else entirely killed Anderson and Williams fabricated her role in the doctor's death.

It is not known quite when the truth about this tidbit will be revealed, as clarification could be coming soon, or it could be a new twist to this storyline that kicks off a deeper mystery. Regardless of that, fans know that there is plenty yet to play out regarding Anderson's kidnapping of Christian, which Patty seemingly figured out.

Joshua Morrow chatted with Michael Fairman On Air, On Soaps about this big storyline and teased a bit of the chaos set to play out in the episodes ahead. The Young and the Restless spoilers have teased that Sharon will soon learn that Sully does not share her DNA, a revelation that should set the stage to reveal that Sully is really Christian. Then, of course, there is the bombshell that Adam is the baby's biological father, not Nick.

Morrow teases Young and Restless spoilers that these two bombshells will be revealed separately, and he is not detailing just when either tidbit will shake things up in Genoa City. Christian will be reunited with Sage and Nick first, and then the truth about Christian's paternity will come later. Morrow says that Nick will lose Christian, which is a big hint about troubles ahead for both Nick and Sage as well as Chelsea and Adam it would seem.

Do you think that Patty did indeed kill Dr. Anderson, or could someone else have done the deed? How will Sage, Nick, Sharon, and Dylan finally learn the truth about Christian, and how will the paternity bombshell be revealed? Stay tuned for additional The Young and the Restless spoilers regarding the upcoming twists and turns as more on this storyline becomes available.

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