The Flash’s Venture Into Earth 2 Is Packed Full Of DC Universe Easter Eggs

The Flash is arguably the most popular superhero-themed show on television right now, however, it actually bears very little resemblance to the DC Universe. Unlike other additions to the DC line-up, The Flash doesn’t exactly shout about its roots. Until now that is, as the most recent episode of The Flash, “Welcome to Earth-2” is packed full of Easter eggs.

The first part of the double episode saw the gang, including Barry, Harry, and Cisco, all venture to another world. However, even more exciting for fans is the fact that this other world was packed full of hints of the DC universe. Plus, the episode also brought a few twists for many of the shows characters, with Barry and Iris being married, Joe is a lounge sister, and Caitlin is shockingly a villain. Earth 2 is definitely packed with twists.

In terms of those aforementioned Easter eggs, we’ve put together a rundown detailing our favorite hints towards the DC universe. The first of these hints is the speed cannon snapshots that took place earlier in the episode. As the characters were travelling to Earth 2, they came across a number of images of other DC characters. Most prominent, of course, was Supergirl. We’d imagine that her appearance is likely a hint towards the upcoming crossover episode that will see The Flash and Supergirl come together. Also getting a mention in this section were stars from Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow.

That being said, bigger surprises were still to come when we met the mayor of Central City on Earth 2, who was none other than Snart. He’s a name that you likely already recognize as the ruthlessly chilling Captain Cold, which leaves some questions to be asked about how such an evil character was able to rise to power as the mayor of Central City. We can’t wait to see if our Earth 1 Captain Cold finds out about his Earth 2 equivalent’s position. Either way, it just goes to show how much of a different place the Central City of Earth 2 is.

Furthermore, Floyd Lawton is likely a name that you recognize as Deadshot from Arrow and something of a bad guy on Earth 1. However, a pretty surprising revelation is Deadshot is a police officer and partner to Iris on Earth 2. Plus, he couldn’t shoot an arrow to save his life. We don’t think Earth 2’s Deadshot could be any different from his Earth 1 counterpart.

Barry Allen - The Flash
Barry Allen - The Flash [Photo by Handout/Getty images]

That being said, we’d argue that the biggest burst of DC universe Easter eggs came through Barry’s phone on Earth 2. It largely pointed towards the fact that Eddie Thawne is still alive, with the phone also having buttons for Bruce Wayne (Batman), Hal Jordon (Green Lantern), and Diana Prince (Wonder Woman). That’s a fair few DC superstars that Barry has in his phone, and while we’re not quite sure why he has those contacts, it’s definitely an exciting addition to an episode absolutely packed full of Easter eggs.

“Welcome to Earth-2” is undeniably one of the most exciting episodes that we’ve seen come out of this season of The Flash yet. Considering the show has largely ignored ties to the majority of DC universe franchises to date, this episode was a nice touch. It’s also worth remembering that all of this action was packed into one episode, and we still have the second part of this two-parter to find out what happens to the team next.

[Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty images]