WWE News: Titus O’Neil Suspended By Vince McMahon After Incident Following ‘WWE Raw’

WWE Raw wasn’t easy for anyone, as the WWE Universe witnessed the retirement of Daniel Bryan. Even non-wrestling fans know who he is. Some even call him the “Yes Yes Yes” guy. However he is addressed, Bryan left a mark on professional wrestling that will never be repeated. Yesterday, a quote was produced that really put his entire career into perspective.

“CM Punk opened the door for Indy wrestlers. Daniel Bryan made sure it stayed open, permanently.”

He helped men get opportunities that they normally wouldn’t have gotten with the WWE. Before Punk and Bryan, men like Shawn Michaels, Rey Mysterio, Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit, and Chris Jericho were the small men that made a change. However, they weren’t classified as the “Indy darlings” like Bryan and Punk were labeled.

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Monday was a solemn night for wrestling fans all around the world. They had to see one of the world’s best retire too early. After a 16-year career, Daniel Bryan said goodbye to the WWE and will never wrestle again. However, something interesting took place immediately following Daniel Bryan’s retirement ceremony. As many watched, they had to switch to the WWE Network for the conclusion of his ceremony. After he walked towards the back, Vince McMahon, HHH, and Stephanie McMahon walked back as well.

As the WWE was still live, Titus O’Neil grabbed Vince’s arm, and he appeared to grab him for a hug or something similar to that. Vince didn’t like that, and now the WWE Universe knows why. According to SEScoops and PWInsider.com, Titus O’Neil was suspended by Vince McMahon 90 days for his actions Monday night.

“Titus O’Neil has been suspended by WWE for unprofessional conduct and was sent home when he arrived at Tuesday night’s SmackDown tapings from Portland, OR, according to a report at PWInsider.com.

“Sources in WWE say that Vince was not happy to say the least and the decision was made to punish him.

“Titus O’Neil’s suspension is believed to be for upwards of 90 days, which means he’ll miss WrestleMania and would be out of action until May.”

This comes at an odd realization because O’Neil wasn’t doing any wrong. In fact, he was smiling and laughing after he did it. All the work that O’Neil does with the community can allow the WWE fans to assume that he’s a great guy. The Florida alum also hasn’t been in trouble with drugs or steroids, especially since their wellness policy was altered in the last several years.

The reaction for O’Neil’s suspension is a bit warranted after receiving wins in multiple weeks. He wasn’t in a storyline that had to culminate at WrestleMania, but it looked like WWE officials were getting behind the former Gator. Whatever the case may be, he will most likely miss WrestleMania. That’s a big setback for the 39-year-old.

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Don’t be surprised if Vince changes his mind and O’Neil is back on WWE television in a few weeks. That wouldn’t be out of the ordinary. Plus, what he actually did on-stage wasn’t bad at all. A suspension wasn’t warranted. In fact, it was completely out of line. Instead of an injury, that’s another man left off the WWE main roster for WrestleMania.

Will the company have to if they want to go ahead with the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal? That question will surely be answered in the coming weeks. Their mid-card division is faltering and that match, if it happens, can’t revolve around the Social Outcasts and the low-card division.

UPDATE: Wrestlezone.com is reporting that Titus O’Neil’s suspension was reportedly reduced to 60 days.

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