Andy Murray And Kim Sears Welcomes Baby Girl, Dunblane Celebrates Her Arrival As The Scottish Town Turns Pink

One week ago, tennis pro Andy Murray was battling it out at the final match of the 2016 Australian Open. Even though he wasn’t able to overcome his opponent, Novak Djokovic, for the winner’s trophy, he did score big when he got home in time for the birth of his first child with wife Kim Sears. They welcomed a baby girl into the world on Sunday.

It has been confirmed that the couple are now enjoying being first-time parents to their little bundle of joy. Both mom and baby are healthy and are doing well. According to the BBC News, the little girl weighed in at 8 pounds, 10 ounces and was born on February 7. Murray’s agent also made this statement.

“Andy and Kim had a daughter in the early hours of Sunday morning and the family are doing well.”

The couple got married in their hometown of Dunblane last April and then announced that they were expecting that summer. Andy and Kim apparently chose not to know the sex of the baby before she was born. Baby Murray’s name has not yet been officially announced, but the world awaits.

Tennis may not have been the biggest thing on Andy’s mind during the Australian Open with his wife so close to her due date back in Scotland. He told the media that he would have to leave the tennis tournament if the call came through that she was in labor. However, that didn’t happen until he was home safe and sound. With Kim and his unborn child heavy on his mind, Murray still fought as hard as he could against Djokovic, but he was not able to pull it off. Even so, he would have scrapped everything, even a possible Grand Slam win, to be with his family if needed. This statement says exactly how he felt about it.

“My child is more important to me, and my wife is more important to me, than a tennis match.”

Murray’s grandmother, Shirley Erskine, told BBC that she was a little worried about her grandson making it home from the Grand Slam tournament in time for the baby’s arrival.

“All I could think of after Andy had finished playing his final [in the Australian Open] was ‘Oh good, at least he’ll get home now’. It’s not easy getting home from Australia. He couldn’t have been further away. Fortunately, he was home in plenty of time and all’s well.”

She said that she is thrilled with the newest addition to the Murray family, as is the rest of the tennis world. Andy and Kim have had many congratulations from their tennis family as well as fans on social media.

Kim Sears and Judy Murray sharing a fun moment. (Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images)

Another lady in Andy’s life is especially happy to see this little one arrive. Mom Judy Murray has her first grandchild, and she is totally over the moon. She is seen in pretty much every match that her son plays and has been his cheerleader for years. She will now have a little granddaughter to share in being her daddy’s little cheerleader as well.

The small town of Dunblane is really celebrating the birth of baby Murray by turning pink. They have gone all out in celebration of their hometown guy’s new addition. According to Hello! Magazine, shopkeepers, butchers, and everyone else seems to have turned everything pink from balloons and ribbons to bright pink sausages. Yes, there is even extra special pink-dyed sausages in honor of this wee little one’s birth, as local butcher Connor Wilson explained.


“When the news broke out this morning about Andy and Kim having a wee baby girl, we made the regular sausage we do when Andy is playing at Wimbledon which is strawberries and chillies, but what we did was put a wee bit of food colouring in to make them a bit pinker. I think they will prove popular – the Wimbledon ones always go down well. We are used to celebrating tennis here but this is a little bit different.”

Just as with any new parent, along with the birth of a new baby come many changes in their lives, and for pro tennis players such as Andy Murray, this change can affect schedules and other issues with playing a professional sport. Andy is not quite sure how this will all play out now that his daughter is here, but he previously mentioned that he will see what happens after the birth.

“It’s a big change for me and my wife, but that’s the current priority and I’ll see after that. I have no idea how that will change things. I still love tennis.”

Many well wishes go out to Andy Murray and Kim Sears on the birth of their daughter.

[Photo by Alex B. Huckle/Getty Images]