Chloe Scordianos, Phillip Frank Panzica Video Buzz: Photos Of 2 Who Allegedly Had Oral Sex On Las Vegas Ferris Wheel

Phillip Frank Panzica, a 27-year-old man from Houston, and 21-year-old Chloe Scordianos of New York were arrested for allegedly having sex in public. It wasn’t at a park or within a parked car that Panzica and Scordianos were accused of having sex, but way up high in the skies over Las Vegas. It was on the Ferris wheel called the High Roller observation wheel, during the afternoon of February 5, where the duo was allegedly caught having sex, reports the New York Daily News.

Chloe and Phillip face the felonious charge of having sex in public after a Las Vegas security guard reportedly saw Scordianos and Panzica getting naked and smoking within Cabin 16 of the Las Vegas ride. As seen in the below video, the High Roller Ferris wheel offers large cabins and sweeping views of Las Vegas.

However, those cabins don’t offer so much privacy that Chloe and Phillip could still be seen, reportedly in full swing of the sex act on the ride that bills itself as the highest observation in the whole world.

The Clark County Detention Center provided the above booking photo by way of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. Panzica and Scordianos — who hails from Hicksville, New York — will have to face a judge on March 9 in order to answer to the felony charges of public sex. While Chloe and Phillip might have thought their “make sexy time” was private, they now realize that there very well could be a sex tape of the two floating around the internet.

According to the Review Journal, some who road the Ferris wheel didn’t notice Chloe and Phillip having sex — but others did, and recorded the incident on video. Another video of the sexual episode exists on surveillance video, even if authorities have not yet made that video public. Caesars Entertainment recorded that security footage of the couple.

“The guests in Cabin 17 didn’t seem to notice, but the guests in Cabin 15 not only noticed but were video recording the acts.”

It’s funny to note that security officials had to announce over the loudspeakers that everyone should extinguish their cigarettes and put their clothes on. That only stopped Chloe and Phillip for a little while, but the couple allegedly resumed having sex and wouldn’t stop after another warning was issued — therefore, the couple had to face the Las Vegas police.

After the half-hour ride of the Ferris wheel was over, Scordianos and Panzica were hit with the felony charge of having sex in public. Police claim Chloe and Phillip displayed plenty of nudity and even engaged in cunnilingus, but they didn’t think anybody would see them.


Yet folks did notice, with the cops who reviewed the footage reporting that Scordianos laid on her back in the middle of their cabin and Panzica took off her dress after “engaging” with her in oral sex on his knees. Scordianos and Panzica aren’t the first couple who were seen having sex on the observation ride, with reports of public sex happening more and more frequently. However, with reports that Panzica took off his clothes and allowed his naked butt and penis to be seen in public, it’s an action that went against tips some sites publish for having sex on rides like the High Roller. Those tips advise people to cover up with a blanket and the darkness of night, and to tip a ride attendant — even if those actions are still illegal and can lead to felony charges.

Scordianos and Panzica posted $3,000 bail. Chloe’s 21st birthday was the day she was caught with Phillip having sex. Photos of Chloe from Facebook, as reported by Heavy, are pretty popular. Scordianos’ attorney says she doesn’t agree with the public sex accusations and thought it was a private sex act within the ride.

(Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department via AP)