Louis Tomlinson’s Son’s Birth Certificate Is Out

Fans of Louis Tomlinson simply do not know which way to turn at the moment. The birth of Tomlinson’s son, Freddie Tomlinson, has been a soap opera that has played out in the media in the most incredible manner possible from the day that The Sun revealed that Louis was to become a father. Many of Louis’ fans have never bought into the story. Some fans believe that the entire story is a PR stunt, and others do not believe that Louis is the father.

Tomlinson’s refusal to talk about his son and the lack of an official announcement from Tomlinson’s team have made One Direction fans suspicious about the entire episode. There is no denying that the birth of Louis’ son, Freddie Tomlinson, is one of the most bizarre episodes of modern times.

Perhaps the most bizarre fact surrounding the baby story is that Tomlinson could have laid all the rumor and speculation to rest very easily. Had Louis made a public announcement and asked for privacy, some of his fans may have been upset at first, but One Direction fans are an incredibly loyal bunch. Tomlinson may have copped some flack for getting a girl he barely knew pregnant, but that would surely have been preferable to the ongoing saga that has ensued, largely as a result of Tomlinson’s silence.

After little Freddie Tomlinson was born, Louis did announce his arrival on social media, but even then many fans still found it hard to believe the story. Many of Tomlinson’s fans expected that Louis would demand a DNA test and that this would prove that he is not the father. Many speculated that, in the end, Louis would dispute paternity, and as a result no birth certificate would be issued until the matter was resolved.

Now it seems that baby Tomlinson’s birth certificate has been tracked down by U.S. magazine In Touch. The certificate — an informational copy available to the public and acquired legally — names Louis and Briana Jungwirth as the parents. Of course, if the certificate is genuine, then the issue of Louis’ paternity is over. No certificate can be issued in California unless unmarried parents sign an affidavit declaring their paternity.

It has been widely claimed by some of Louis’ fans that baby Tomlinson’s certificate was either fake or had been obtained by nefarious means. This claim is incorrect, such certificates are a matter of public record in California and can be obtained totally legally and are available to interested parties who can make an online request. It is unlikely in the extreme that a news outlet would be tempted to use a faked copy of baby Tomlinson’s birth certificate when the genuine one can be obtained easily

According to Unreality TV, the certificate shows that little Freddie Tomlinson “was welcomed into this world at 6:23pm at the Los Robles Hospital in Thousand Oaks, California.”

Tomlinson has posted several messages on his social media feeds relating how happy he is to have become a father. It is believed that Louis is renting a home near to where he has provided a home for freddie and his mother Briana Jungwirth. It would seem that Louis has perhaps been badly advised about how to handle the news about baby Tomlinson. Many fans have been confused by the lack of official information but it seems that Louis is merely determined to secure as much privacy for the new addition to the Tomlinson family as is possible when you are one of the most high profile celebrities in the world.

Louis seems determined to enjoy as much time as possible with his new son. Whilst many of Tomlinson’s fans may have expected Louis to deny paternity it now seems that this is not going to happen. Louis may have a bumpy ride ahead but you can be sure that his fans will rally round and offer the One Direction star their total support.

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