WWE News: Daniel Bryan Admits To Hiding Concussion-Related Seizures From WWE During Comeback Attempt

WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan recently had to officially retire from in-ring competition this past week on WWE RAW. It was an emotional time for Bryan and WWE, as he was beloved by many in WWE. Fans also love him, and seeing him sad only made the fans sad. Pictures before and after the retirement were sad to see for fans, but many were happy that he wanted to start a family and not ruin his future health.

Little was known regarding Bryan and his head leading into WWE RAW other than the fact that he had a concussion about a year ago. He had been cleared by various doctors, so it makes sense to think that every other one he went to see would tell him the same thing. According to Daniel Bryan, who spoke to former WWE announcer Jonathan Coachman on the “Off The Top Rope” segment on SportsCenter on Tuesday night, he had been dealing with a lot of medical problems that led to his retirement decision.

He went to see a doctor in New York who was offering a newer test that would show a lot more than his other tests, which really did not show him anything. They found that he had a brain lesion in his temporal parietal lobe, which happens to be where seizures typically occur. A lesion is simply defined as an abnormality regarding the tissue, where it replaces the dead or damaged tissue. They are easy to spot on scans normally, and not seeing one before was surprising. This could mean that his particular one might be small, but size isn’t always the big issue.

While a big lesion might be considered far worse, small lesions are no picnic either. He admitted that he had been hiding the seizures. He apparently had been dealing with seizures for some time now, but he just didn’t know why they were happening before learning about the brain lesion. He very well could have been wrestling in WWE while having these symptoms for years. Keep in mind that he had several concussions before his WWE time. However, the concussion from last year is his only documented concussion in WWE.

Bryan most likely hid things regarding the seizures because he felt they did not go with the concussion he had, but they clearly did. He may have also hid them knowing that his latest concussion did not start them, so it would have been unrelated. However, head injuries add up, and seizures don’t just happen for no reason.

For those unaware, a seizure is simply a surge of electrical activity in the brain or an abnormal electrical activity in the brain. Due to the fact that we run on our own personal electricity in our body, it is important that everything is right with the electrical activity. The brain, more than most areas of the body, uses the electrical parts to send messages to various areas of the brain and the body by proxy.

If Daniel Bryan had a lesion, this would have caused random electrical issues possibly. The lesion would have then potentially caused a back up and sudden surge of activity, thus causing a seizure.

After his latest concussion, he would have them more or at the same pace. He was probably cleared by so many doctors because he either did not mention the seizures to them or they felt it was unrelated to the concussion he suffered. This is a rarity, however, as head trauma has been known to cause seizures in people. Chances are that if Bryan told a doctor about it, they would not have cleared him to return, and he would have been put on medication immediately. They would have then monitored his seizure activity.

When the latest test found the issue for him, Daniel Bryan felt it would be best to retire, and he’s right to do so. He is lucky, because if he came back to WWE and performed yet again, he could have caused another head injury to himself and may have caused more lesions to show up. This would have only caused more problems for him in the future. While we will all miss him as an in-ring performer, he certainly did the right thing for himself and his family. Here’s hoping he will continue to work with WWE in some capacity in the future.

[Image via WWE]