‘Bachelor’ Lauren Bushnell Posts Forgiveness Message, Leah Block Tells Her She Loves Her

Has Lauren Bushnell forgiven Leah Block for trying to sabotage her relationship with Ben Higgins? On Tuesday morning, the day after the latest The Bachelor episode showed Leah talking badly about her to Ben, Lauren posted a message about not forgetting someone’s good deeds when they do something wrong. For the image’s caption, she wrote the word “Love,” with the “o” replaced by a flower emoji, suggesting that she was talking about what happened on The Bachelor.


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Surprisingly, Leah responded to Lauren’s message. Leah actually left a comment that told Lauren that she loves her.

“leahblock: Love you boo”

It seems that Leah now regrets how she behaved while filming the show. After the episode aired, Leah wrote that it was a “rough night” and joked that she’ll eat her emotions. She attached to her tweet a photo of a plate full of desserts.

Leah may also be looking forward rather than dwelling on what happened. She later posted a photo of herself wearing a tank top with the message, “Don’t Give Up,” on it.

Perhaps Leah confessed to Lauren after she left the mansion that it was she who talked badly about her to Ben. Just a week ago, Lauren posted a group photo of herself with some of the other contestants. Leah is in the photo, standing right next to Lauren.

On Monday night’s episode of The Bachelor, Leah Block grew increasingly frustrated at her lack of alone time with Ben Higgins. During a group date in the Bahamas, which involved swimming with pigs, Leah fretted about why Ben didn’t seem that interested in her and wasn’t asking for alone time with her. Leah wondered why Ben was keeping her around if he didn’t see a future with her. When Ben finally got to her on the group date and she voiced her concerns, he told her he wanted to get to know her more and to just enjoy the day.

Later, during the after party, Leah told Ben that one of the women was not who she seemed. Leah claimed that this woman was completely different in front of Ben than she was with the women. Leah said that she did not want Ben to end up with such a bad woman. Shockingly, Leah told Ben that the woman in question was the person he had the strongest connection with: Lauren Bushnell.

Lauren, who has been shown to be nothing but a nice woman so far on the show, actually walked in during Leah’s talk with Ben but didn’t hear what was just said. After Leah left, Ben told her that someone told him that she was two-faced and fake around him. Lauren expressed shock that someone would say that about her and confessed that she didn’t know how to respond to such a claim.

When Lauren sat back down with some of the other women, she told them what happened and broke down in tears. She sobbed as she worried that Ben would believe what he was told and send her home. When Leah joined the group, she asked Lauren what happened, feigned ignorance over what Lauren was saying, and said that it was horrible that someone would do that. When Becca Tilley asked Leah if she was the one who said such things to Ben, she said no.

After the party, Leah knocked on Ben’s hotel room door. Ben welcomed her in and seemed happy to be able to spend some alone time with her. Leah, however, didn’t use the time to let Ben get to know her. Instead, she continued bashing Lauren. Ben, after listening to Leah talk quite a bit, confessed that he didn’t see a future with her and sent her home. Back in her room, Leah cried as she packed her bags. She cried as she told the camera that Ben didn’t get the chance to know someone great.

In his People blog, Ben wrote that he didn’t send Leah home because of her ill talk of Lauren.

“And if I am being honest with myself and with Leah, I wasn’t sending her home for what she said about Lauren B. It was more about the fact that I saw that OUR relationship wasn’t moving forward at all. And it hadn’t been for a while now. And the fact that we were sitting here talking about another girl, no matter who that girl was, instead of focusing on us, was just another sign that we had not progressed as a couple since the first week or so. And that was a problem.”

Leah Block wasn’t the only woman who was abruptly sent home on the latest The Bachelor episode. Olivia Caridi was left standing on an island sobbing after Ben Higgins decided to give Emily Ferguson the rose on their two-on-one date. After Olivia told him that she loved him, he confessed that he couldn’t reciprocate her feelings. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Olivia, in response to the episode, joked that Ben just wasn’t that into her.

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