Dallas Cowboys Rumors: Robert Griffin III Likely To Be Cowboys Backup Quarterback, Does RG3 Have Anything Left?

Even in the offseason, rumors regarding the Dallas Cowboys are running rampant, and the latest report links Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III to “America’s Team.” While Griffin has been declining since his breakout season in 2012, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has stated numerous times how highly he views him. In addition to suffering numerous injuries over the past three years, Griffin has also had to deal with a coach who has never truly liked him in Jay Gruden.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, former Cowboys quarterback and current NFL broadcaster Troy Aikman believes that either Griffin or Johnny Manziel will end up in Dallas as the backup to Tony Romo. With all of the problems that Manziel is causing off of the field, it is unlikely than even Jones will take the chance on him. While Jones has brought problem players to Dallas in the past, Manziel is likely going to have to take some time off from football to figure out his issues. With Manziel out of the picture, Griffin is the most likely candidate to be brought in to back an aging Romo up.

As The Dallas Morning News reports, Jones has recently spoken very highly of Griffin despite his issues in Washington. Griffin, who is going to turn 26-years-old on February 12, is still young for a quarterback. While he has lost some of his athleticism, he is still a threat to take off and run if no wide receivers are open. Concerns about Griffin’s accuracy are fair, but he has shown his potential in the past.

If the Cowboys do decide to bring Griffin in, he would be able to learn for a year or two under Romo. While he is still an elite talent, Romo is not getting any younger. He will start the 2016 season at 36-years-old and is dealing with a variety of lingering injuries. While Romo is likely to be a top quarterback for at least the next two seasons, the Cowboys really need to start thinking about their future.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the Cowboys have been linked to quarterbacks Carson Wentz and Jared Goff for the upcoming 2016 NFL draft. While each of these quarterbacks shows promise, neither of them is a proven commodity. Neither is Griffin at this point, but he has at least proven that he can play in the NFL at a high level. The Cowboys think they can compete in the NFC this year, so they may be better off using their first round pick on another position as opposed to drafting a quarterback.

In 2012, Jones commented on Griffin’s abilities after the Cowboys lost to the Redskins on Thanksgiving.

“I was in awe of RGIII and the plays he was making.”

After Griffin was benched a few years later, Jones held his position and stated that he still has confidence in the young quarterback.

“Well, I’m a fan of RGIII. He’s got it. He’s a driven young man. I’m a big admire of RGIII.”

As reported by Sports Illustrated last month, Griffin has even specifically stated that he wants to sign with the Dallas Cowboys if the Redskins cut him. With Kirk Cousins solidified as the starting quarterback of the Redskins, it is more than likely that Griffin will be released in the coming weeks. Griffin grew up in Texas and played his high school and college ball there, so his familiarity with the state could help his mindset and make him more comfortable.

And even if Griffin is not the same player that he once was, what do the Cowboys have to lose? Robert Griffin III is an exciting name to fans, and he would likely be much more productive than Matt Cassel and Brandon Weeden. Until Griffin announces his new team, rumors will likely continue to come out linking him to the Dallas Cowboys. If you consider the alternatives, RG3 really may be the best fit for a team that desperately needs a competent backup quarterback.

[Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images]