How Does Russell Wilson Feel About Girlfriend Ciara’s Lawsuit Against Future?

Russell Wilson and girlfriend Ciara seem to be going strong, but unfortunately, months into their romance, the pair continues to face challenges due to Ciara’s ongoing feud with her former boyfriend, Future, the father of her young son.

In addition to the rapper’s regular digs at Ciara and her parenting of their son, Future has now been targeted by Ciara in a new lawsuit, and according to a new report, Russell Wilson may be getting tired of all the back-and-forth. Although a new source claims Russell Wilson wants to be supportive of the 30-year-old singer, he may not be able to take much more of the craziness involved with her child’s father.

“[Russell Wilson] supports Ciara in her suit, however, he’s encouraged her to forget about Future,” a source told Hollywood Life on February 9. “He knows she probably still loves him. That’s cool because [Russell Wilson] isn’t threatened.”

While Ciara will likely always care for Future on some level, their relationship seems toxic, and now that a lawsuit is involved (and a hefty one at that), it’s sure to become an even bigger stress for both Ciara and her relationship with Russell Wilson. Meanwhile, the Seattle Seahawks quarterback reportedly feels it would be far more beneficial to the both of them if they were focused on one another as opposed to her war against the rapper.

“He’d much rather put her thoughts and energy into their relationship than worrying about her ex,” the source explained.

And according to a separate Hollywood Life report, fans on Twitter agree that Ciara should be focused on other things. In fact, many slammed the singer on social media, claiming she wouldn’t be suing Future if she was truly “happy” with Russell Wilson, and labeling her “weak” and “dumb.”

News of Ciara’s lawsuit against Future first surfaced on February 8, when TMZ claimed his rant about Russell Wilson’s girlfriend being a bad mother, as well as his comments about Ciara and Russell Wilson’s relationship, could cost him a whopping $15 million.

According to the suit, Ciara mentions a radio interview done by Future, in which he accused her of purposefully having Russell Wilson push their son in a stroller as photographs were snapped for publicity, and also spoke of his Twitter rant.

“This b—h got control problems… I gotta go through lawyers to see baby future… the f***ery for 15k a month,” he wrote of Russell Wilson’s girlfriend.

However, Russell Wilson’s girlfriend claimed in her suit that she actually goes out of her way to make sure that her ex sees their son, and noted that they’ve had “at least 19 visitations (some spanning several days) since December 2014,” according to TMZ.

Because Ciara believes Future’s comments about herself and Russell Wilson were said with malice, she’s suing him for slander and libel, and wants him banned from speaking of their private business in the future.

In other Russell Wilson news, the football star has been open with the fact that he and his girlfriend are waiting to consummate their relationship due to his strict religious beliefs, and fortunately for him, she’s completely on board with waiting.

“You know, when [Russell Wilson] talked about it, he was being honest. For what it’s worth I think there are so many people like us,” Ciara told E! News last year. “We get to share real things. We’re real people. I run into different people and they’ll talk to me about their journey and their relationships, so I think that’s been really cool and it’s a healthy thing. It’s a healthy conversation we all get to have as adults. I’m not sweating it at all.”

[Photo by Olivier Douliery/Getty Images]