Valentine’s Day On ‘General Hospital’ Promises Lots Of Love, Bubbles, Secrets Exposed, And A Proposal

There is a lot to love about General Hospital these days and with Valentine’s Day coming up, there is bound to be lots of romance in the air, with a little drama mixed in, of course. A brand new promo for this upcoming week shows what is coming up in the lives of some GH couples and it seems that there is one couple that may be hearing wedding bells soon.

The official General Hospital Twitter sent out the short clip on Tuesday to give fans a preview on what to expect for the rest of the week leading up to Valentine’s Day. The biggest and most exciting news is that Nathan will finally pop the question to Maxie. Yes, he has a ring in hand and proposes to her.

This couple has been a fan-favorite since Nathan came to town. For those General Hospital fans who absolutely loved the pairing of “Spixie,” it may have been hard to see her with anyone else. Although they do have a child together, they have both moved on and now everyone has grown to love Maxie with Nathan. This is a great Valentine’s surprise, but will she say yes?

Julian and Alexis are getting married on February 19, as confirmed by TV Insider, but it looks like they taking a break from wedding planning to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a bubbly sort of way.

It also looks like Carly and Sonny are celebrating as well. From what is seen in the General Hospital previews, Carly looks like she is getting the best gift ever. That is the gift of her husband being able to stand up out of his wheelchair to give her a sexy and romantic kiss.

Many General Hospital fans will be in for an extra special treat as Jason and Sam are seen in a hot smooch. This is exactly what “JaSam” fans have been waiting for. It looks like those two are definitely heating things up now that Jason is getting some of his memories back of his life with his wife.

Then there is the newly wedded couple, Nikolas and Hayden. They just came home after their whirlwind Vegas wedding and in the “honeymoon stage” of their life. However, things are about to go sour when Nik starts having his new wife investigated and finds out her secret past. February sweeps mean lots of drama on General Hospital and everything will hit the fan when he figures out not only her secrets, but that her name really isn’t Hayden at all. He actually married Rachel.

Who is Rachel? (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

Whoever Rachel is, everyone is about to find out where she came from and if she is related to anyone in Port Charles. It could be a coincidence, but apparently, there could be a daughter of Paul Hornsby’s running around town that no one knows about. Could this all be related?

It is obvious that both Nik and Hayden have started falling in love with each other, but their past may just catch up with them. When Nik does get wind of Rachel’s past, he may just sweep it under the rug because Hayden/Rachel may throw the fact that he was the one who had her shot last year and put her in the hospital for a while in a coma. It seems that maybe these two are just made for each other.

Valentine's Day in Port Charles will include lots of drama.(Photo by Lintao Zhang/Getty Images)

Valentine’s Day in Port Charles is expected to be sexy, steamy, and full of surprises as only General Hospital can put out. It is also fan February and that means plenty of fun and surprises for faithful viewers as well.

Do you think Maxie will happily accept Nathan’s proposal? Are you happy to see Jason and Sam getting closer? Who is Rachel?

Stay tuned to see what develops this Valentine’s Day on General Hospital.

[Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images]