Taryn Manning Suing New York City For ‘False Arrest’, ‘OITNB’ Star Demands $10 Million In Pending Suit

Taryn Manning is having a case of life imitating art. The Orange Is The New Black star has decided to sue New York City for “false arrest.” Manning, who plays a religious convict Tiffany “Pennsatucky” Doggett on the hit Netflix show, was arrested back in November of 2014 after she was accused of threatening a woman, who she had accused of stalking her in the past.

The Orange Is The New Black star was not charged and her case was sealed, but Manning has accused the NYPD of leaking details about the case to the press, and is seeking $10 million in damages.

In a statement, Taryn Manning stated the following.

“My damages include attorney’s fees, hours of detention, emotional distress and reputational harm.”

As stated, the claim will be against the city. Currently, the star hopes that she can file late because she failed to file her claim within her 90-day deadline.

During the arrest, the actress was cuffed in Chinatown. Her attorney, Stacey Richman, and cops attached to the case sat down for a meeting with Manning over the allegations made by the star’s former friend, Jeanine Heller. She was originally accused of sending threatening text messages, and was in violation with a protection order that Heller put out against her.

That said, Heller was accused of stalking the star three times since their fallout. Heller was arrested the third time she violated Manning’s order of protection, and was sentenced over the summer to six months in jail.

Manning said the following in a statement about the meeting.

“The meeting ended when I was handcuffed by a detective and locked in a small room adjacent to the interview room. Approximately 20 minutes later, I was removed… still handcuffed and marched through the precinct. I was processed and ultimately placed in a holding cell.”

This is follow up news in the wake of yet another legal battle Manning has to deal with. As the Inquisitr reported, Manning was accused of beating up her makeup artist. It’s said that she head-butted her and “whipped her with a wet towel, and sprayed her in the eyes with Windex.”

Throughout her legal troubles Manning has always maintained her innocence and has lashed out at different reports via social media, specifically her Twitter account.

In another tweet that has been deleted, Manning wrote the following.

“Typically I don’t use the word ‘fan’ but that aside I can’t help how some of my fans act. I love you all who remain sane and loving! ♥️thk u”

Her legal team reacted to the recent accusations brought on by Holly Hartman when the news hit.

“These investigations have long predated these entirely fabricated allegations. Ms. Hartman is under investigation for stalking Ms. Manning and for theft and other crimes. It is clear that Ms. Hartman’s camp has leaked these allegations which were not available publicly to elevate her own position and obscure her own wrong doing.”

That said, the actress doesn’t seem to be down for the count as she’s tweeted positive messages regularly throughout her alleged accusations.

What do you think of Manning’s latest legal troubles? Do you think there’s more than meets the eye here?

[Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images]