Lena Dunham Cancels Press Tour After A Serious Health Issue, ‘Girls’ Creator Opens Up About Endometriosis

Lena Dunham has decided to cancel her upcoming press tour for the fifth season of Girls. The creator, writer and actress of the critically acclaimed series, has opened up about her ongoing battle with endometriosis.

Normally, given her position on Girls, she would be contractually forced to participate in some interviews, but the Girls star was forced to rest by her doctor after a flare-up with the condition.

In a statement on Instagram, Dunham captioned a photo of herself with her hand on a bed to signify her bedrest.

Hey Beloved Pals, I just wanted to let you know that, while I am so excited for Girls to return on Feb 21, I won't be out and about doing press for the new season. As many of you know I have endometriosis, a chronic condition that affects approximately 1 in 10 women's reproductive health. I am currently going through a rough patch with the illness and my body (along with my amazing doctors) let me know, in no uncertain terms, that it's time to rest. That's a hard thing to do, but I'm trying, because all I want is to make season 6 of Girls the best one yet. I'm lucky enough to have support and backup from Jenni, Judd and the whole Girls gang. So many women with this disease literally don't have the option of time off and I won't take it for granted. Wishing you all health & happiness, in whatever form suits you. Back soon xxLena

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Dunham received messages of support from her Instagram followers.

“Was diagnosed just 3 weeks ago and am suffering today as well. Hope all out there going through it can find strength in your openness. It helps to know you’re not alone! Feel better soon.”

And another.

“I have it, too, and it sucks. I’m sorry that you’re suffering but I hope that this will help bring more awareness to the disease. Feel better!”

This isn’t the first time Dunham has opened up about her painful struggle with endometriosis. Just this past November, Lena wrote about the symptoms she experienced throughout high school, college, and the first season of her hit show Girls. In her Lenny newsletter, a curated newsletter curated by Dunham and a few of her creative friends the star wrote a lengthy essay about her diagnosis and the misconceptions.

Prior to her diagnosis, Dunham said that she was often misdiagnosed.

“Nonstop vaginal bleeding, severe cramps, mood swings and exhaustion — were often mislabeled as appendicitis, colitis or simply female whining.”

She continued as follows.

“During the worst of it, my father brought me to the ER, where they prodded my appendix and suggested it might be food poisoning and that we should go home and wait it out. My mother placed a pillow under my lower back, and I moaned in the guest room, where no one could hear me, my legs spread like a woman in labor.”


Dunham said that she wasn’t diagnosed correctly until the end of the first season of Girls.

Currently, Dunham is receiving different treatments, including Lupron injections. The injections stop the body’s hormones and shuts it down.

In closing, she said that she has strength because of what she has been through. “I am oddly fearless for a wimp with no upper-body strength. And I am no longer scared of my body.”

Since she opened up about the health disorder, Dunham has received praise.

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