Maddie Ziegler Leaving ‘Dance Moms’: Teen Reportedly Leaving After Season 6, As Are Sister Mackenzie And Mom Melissa Gisoni

Dance Moms is currently in the middle of airing Season 6, and there has been some buzz swirling about departures that may be on the way. Over the past few seasons, fans have already seen dancers like Brooke and Paige Hyland as well as Chloe Lukasiak leave, and some believed that Kalani Hilliker might depart for this current season though she is still in the mix of things. There has been quite a bit of talk that Maddie Ziegler and her sister Mackenzie may be leaving soon too, and new reports indicate that this is indeed the case.

As the Inquisitr reported a couple of months ago, there were insiders indicating that Maddie Ziegler would be leaving Dance Moms after this current season, but nothing was officially announced. While the show has not yet stated that this is the case, according to Entertainment Tonight, the family shared the news of their departure with the cast during a recent taping.

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The site details that Maddie, her sister Mackenzie, and their mom, Melissa Gisoni, will wrap up their time with Dance Moms when Season 6 ends. Seeing Maddie move on to other things surely will not come as a big surprise to fans, as she has been keeping quite busy lately with outside projects. In fact, she has been out of the picture quite frequently during Season 6 as it is due to these other commitments.

Ziegler has worked with singer Sia on several music videos, and she recently filmed a movie with Naomi Watts called The Book of Henry. The Dance Moms star has a movie project with Sia lined up, and Maddie has shared that she is anxious to venture into more of the acting side of the entertainment industry.

Many Dance Moms fans would admit that the future of the show seems a bit up in the air right now regardless of Maddie and Mackenzie’s involvement. Dance instructor and show star Abby Lee Miller is in the middle of a serious fraud case, and she could be facing significant fines and even several years of jail time. The weight of this legal case has clearly been weighing on Miller in the early episodes of Season 6, and during a recent episode, Abby even made it seem as if she was quitting the team and the show entirely.

Abby will be back in the mix of things, and she has been putting together a new team of younger dancers surely in an effort to keep her options open as the older girls begin to leave. That said, the ratings have shifted significantly over the past few seasons, and some speculate that the end of the series as a whole may be near, regardless of the departure of Maddie and Mackenzie.

Fans have little doubt that Maddie Ziegler will have a full slate of projects lined up once she finishes her commitment to Dance Moms, and Mackenzie has been keeping plenty busy as well. While Maddie’s interest seems to be shifting to acting in addition to dance, Mackenzie has been putting together music, and both girls have done a fair amount of print modeling and other advertising projects.

Will Dance Moms be around for Season 7, and if it does return, will the other dancers from Season 6 be back? Can the show successfully continue if it needs to shift gears to the younger dancers, and will viewers tune in if Abby Lee Miller herself breaks away from the show? Do you think it’s time for Maddie Ziegler, Mackenzie and their mom, Melissa Gisoni, to move on to new projects or should they stick with the Lifetime show until the end?

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