Katie Maloney On Inviting Stassi Schroeder To Her And Tom Schwartz’s Wedding

Will Stassi Schroeder attend Katie Maloney’s wedding to Tom Schwartz? During Katie’s appearance on Andy Cohen’s talk show Vanderpump Rules on Monday night, Katie talked about whether Stassi will get an invite.

On the “After Show” portion of the show, a caller asked Katie if she’ll invite Stassi to her wedding. Katie remained elusive. She pointed out that invites have yet to be sent, so no one is technically invited to the wedding just yet. As for whether she plans on sending Stassi an invite when the time comes, Katie said that the answer to that question will become clearer as the season progresses.

“We’ll see honestly…I mean I think the answer will become more clear eventually so just keep watching. Just keep watching.”

In an unaired clip, right after their engagement, which took place in front of Mike and Scheana Shay, Jax Taylor, Brittany Cartwright, Tom Sandoval, and Ariana Madix, Tom asked Katie if Stassi reached out to her. Katie confirmed that Stassi did and read out the text that she received. Stassi’s full text was shown to the camera.

“I can’t even begin to express how happy it makes me to hear about your engagement. I wanted to congratulate you. When I heard the news, I seriously got this overwhelming feeling of love. I always thought I would be a part of that, and it’s crazy where life has taken us. But just know I’m thinking of you and am so happy for you both. Hope your Pinterest is ready. And seriously…Homeboy did good.'”

Katie sent Stassi two texts thanking her for reaching out and wishing her well.

Stassi Schroeder just recently made her re-appearance on Vanderpump Rules. In a previous episode, Stassi, now friends with Kristen Doute again, talked about missing out on Katie Maloney’s engagement to Tom Schwartz. Stassi told Kristen that she always thought she would be there to witness Katie and Tom’s engagement. Stassi admitted that she cried upon learning that Katie was engaged and that she missed the big moment.

Katie and Stassi used to be very good friends but that friendship ended during Season 3 after Stassi felt betrayed by Katie becoming friends with Scheana Marie. As Stassi explained on the season 3 reunion show, she believes that Scheana watched and spread around a sex tape that she had made when she was with an ex. Katie refused to not be friends with Scheana because of Stassi.

On Monday night’s episode, Tom met up with Stassi. Tom lashed out at Stassi for being a “smug b**chy shell of her former self.” Tom said that Katie, who really cared for Stassi, left the door open for a friendship, but Stassi just cold-heartedly dropped her as a friend, which was just “disgusting” and really hurt Katie. When Stassi sarcastically asked Tom if she killed his dog, Tom called her out on getting defensive. Stassi admitted that when she feels defensive and feels hurt by someone, she immediately cuts that person out of her life. When Tom said that Katie now has an “indifference” to Stassi, Stassi started sobbing. Tom, feeling bad, then invited her to his and Katie’s engagement party.

On Watch What Happens Live, Katie gave her thoughts on Tom Schwartz’s chat with Stassi.

“I was impressed because he’s not a confrontational person whatsoever, so to see him standing his ground and just sort of laying into her in a way that was so eloquent and almost poetic was amazing.”

Viewers will see Katie Maloney and Stassi Schroeder come face-to-face later on this season and not just at the engagement party. A preview for the season shows Katie telling a crying Stassi that it’s too late.

[Photo by Vivien Killilea/Getty Images]