Josh Duggar’s Parents Tell Men To Be ‘Uncommen’: Do Jim Bob And Michelle Duggar Think App Will Save Their Son?

Do Josh Duggar’s parents think there’s an app for helping their son become a better man? Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar recently endorsed an app that encourages men to work on their relationships with their wives and kids, and it’s possible that the parents discovered it while they were searching for ways to encourage Josh to stay faithful to his wife.

According to the Duggar Family Blog, Josh Duggar’s parents recently filmed a short promotional video for UNCOMMEN, a nonprofit organization that has created an app aimed at men. According to the UNCOMMEN website, the organization wants men like Josh to “win” at life because the well-being of the rest of society seemingly rests solely on the shoulders of males.

“But when men win: wives, kids, and society wins,” the UNCOMMEN homepage reads. “When men win, we don’t have to build as many shelters for abandoned families, or pay the psychological and emotional toll for fatherless kids, or care for so many abused and neglected wives.”

The UNCOMMEN organization tries to help men “win” by turning their roles as husbands and fathers into a game. According to the Charlotte Observer, men can download a free UNCOMMEN app that presents them with “challenges” like taking cute photos with their kids or making dinner for their families. Men are encouraged to get their male friends to download the app, and they can compete to see who completes the most of these challenges. There’s also an UNCOMMEN blog that gives neglectful husbands like Josh Duggar tips on how to please their wives. According to UNCOMMEN, Josh should gift Anna Duggar with waterproof mascara and shower her with compliments.

In the promo video below for the UNCOMMEN app, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar try to convince fathers to use the app by talking about how difficult it is to “stay connected to your kids.”

“We encourage you to be the dad that you should be,” Jim Bob Duggar says.

Many critics of the Duggar family might wonder why the UNCOMMEN creators asked controversial figures like Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar to appear in their promo — after all, Jim Bob wasn’t exactly the dad that he should have been when he allowed Josh Duggar to get away with sexually molesting four of his younger sisters. As the Inquisitr previously reported, some legal experts suggested that Josh’s parents could have been charged with Permitting Abuse of a Minor (Arkansas Code 5-27-221) had the statute of limitations not run out before their family’s dark secret was exposed. However, neither Josh nor his parents were charged with any crime, and it appears as though the Duggars are slowly trying to rebuild their image by marketing themselves as imperfect people who are striving to do better.

The Executive Director of UNCOMMEN, Dee Lanier, has a background in ministry, so his religious views likely have something to do with why Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar were asked to appear in his organization’s promo video. It’s also possible that the parents became fans of UNCOMMEN after searching for ways to help their eldest son turn his life around after he gets home from the faith-based treatment center he’s been hiding away at for the last six months.

Josh Duggar To Come Home From Reformers Soon
Josh Duggar's parents may be looking for ways to keep him from cheating on Anna again after he gets back from Reformers (Image via Duggar Family Official Facebook)

Josh Duggar enrolled in the Reformers Unanimous treatment program in Rockford, Illinois, after he confessed to cheating on his wife and looking at internet pornography, but Radar Online reports that Reformers might not do much to help the troubled former reality show star — there are no licensed psychotherapists at Reformers, and Josh has likely been spending most of his time there praying and reading the Bible. Gawker has described Reformers Unanimous as a “glorified, bible-based labor camp.”

Perhaps Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar started searching for other faith-based programs that would possibly benefit Josh Duggar after coming to the realization that Reformers might not be enough to keep him on the straight and narrow, and maybe they came across the UNCOMMEN blog post about the Ashley Madison cheating website during their search. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Josh Duggar was only forced to admit to cheating on his wife of seven years, Anna Duggar, because his name was found in the Ashley Madison data that was leaked by hackers last August.

In a blog post titled “You Are At Risk: The Ashley Madison Con Game,” an UNCOMMEN blog writer lists a few ways that husbands can avoid being tempted to use Ashley Madison to cheat on their wives. Some of these tips might be a bit racy for Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s tastes — they include trying different sex positions, having sex on the kitchen table or in the car, and having sex in the afternoon. Then again, Michelle Duggar did once tell women like Anna Duggar that the best way to keep a man from going astray is to be “joyfully available” for him at all times. In other words, it doesn’t matter how terrible a wife feels — she should never turn her husband down when he wants to have sex.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar did more than half a dozen takes of the UNCOMMEN promo, and the company shared a few bloopers from their attempts to deliver their lines. Below you can see Michelle trying to coach Jim Bob.

Do you think the UNCOMMEN app could help Josh Duggar, or would it be a bad idea to encourage the self-professed porn addict to spend a lot of time using his smartphone?

[Image via Duggar Family Official Facebook]