Pius EV Delivers ‘Build-It-Yourself’ Electric Car

The Pius EV is the perfect electric car for do-it-yourself gurus who want to take on a fun, unique and awesome project that might just help save a little bit of the planet.

The new vehicle is built by the Japan based Modi Corporation, a company known for building prototype vehicles. The car is a single-seater that can be assembled by buyers much like a shelf from Ikea.

The Pius EV is registered as a Class 1 motorized bicycle in Japan which means it can be used on country roads and at this time we are not sure of its status in the United States. The vehicle weighs just 441 pounds and reaches a top speed of 22 mph. The vehicle can travel 15.5 miles on a single charge and is powered by a 36V, 38Ah battery.

Modi hopes that the new electric vehicle will serve as an educational tool by showing buyers how the basic functions and features of an electric vehicle are constructed and utilized. The company for that reason will market the Pius EV to universities, colleges and mechanical training facilities.

To show off the vehicles capabilities the company is also including embedded components that will allow users to evaluate the Pius EV’s environmental standards.

The Pius EV will be available in six colors that include white, red, blue, navy blue, yellow and silver.

Sure you won’t be taking a date out in this car but it could potentially be a great way to bond with a child, teach a student or just turn some heads in your neighborhood. It could also make quite possibly the coolest power wheels on the block.

Pius EV Inside Car